The Journal of the Brockman Droving Expedition of 1874-75 to the North of Western Australia

Edited by Nan Broad with Peter Bridge

ISBN 0 85905 366 0, (2006 New), Hard Cover, Dust Jacket, 177pp, illustrated, 475 grams

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The story of one of the greatest early stock droves in Australia.

In 1874 John Brockman answered the call to assist the Clarkson droving party, stranded on the Murchison River in drought conditions.

The party had tragically lost its two leaders and Brockman was able to successfully drove the several thousand cattle and several hundred horses over scarcely explored country, with no further loss of men and minimal loss of stock.

The original drove started near Albany, took approximately thirty months and covered a minimum of 2400 kilometres, ending in the Roebourne area.

A 32 page introduction examines the background to the drove, the men, and the social-historical context.

A volume in the Western Australian Explorers' Diaries Project.

Released January 2007.