lone_hand_coverThe Lone Hand

Charles Ross and the mountain bandits

by Peter J Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-486-7,(2010 new), A5, 16pp, 40grams

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Charles Ross was of that great Australian breed, the Overlanders. Arriving on the Ashburton in the early 1890s from the Kimberley and further east, he was a successful prospector.

A run-in with a powerful pastoralist had him stripped of all his assets, jailed for nearly six months and undergoing three trials, two of which had hung juries and the third setting him free. He was accused of precisely what that pastoralist himself was infamous for. It is an example of what happened to many in conflict with the robber barons of the bush, and continues today.

The Supreme Court files have been ‘disappeared’ and the newspaper reports of the final Roebourne trial stolen from the State Library files.