mates_and_goldMates and Gold

Reminiscences of the early Westralian Goldfields.


by N.K. Sligo

ISBN 0 85905 195 1, (1995 reprint of 1980 edition with new material), Soft Cover, 259pp, illustrated, 340grams

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The greatest of the Western Australian 1890’s gold rush reminiscences.

Mates and Gold tells of bush life in the Western Australian desert, dangerous journeys and lonely deaths by typhoid, thirst, murder, spearing and retributional massacre.  Vast new goldfields, gold won - and lost.  Of bush mates and memories of a life long past.

Mates and Gold is an insight into the fortitude and humour with which the early prospectors faced the harshness of the goldfields.  It is one of the few books on the great 1890s goldrush written by one of the original prospectors.

This is a great read.