mt_minnie_coverThe Mount Minnie Mystery


A Midnight Melee

Edited by Peter J Bridge with Gail Dreezens

 ISBN 978-0-85905-425-6, (2008 New), Soft Cover, 36 pages, A4, 125grams

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The Mount Minnie Mystery. In late 1925 Moorish horse dealer, Alexander Hughes, and his aboriginal assistant, Sailor, disappeared from Mount Minnie Station near Onslow in the North West of Western Australia. What followed in the police investigation stunned the normally unflappable Nor’westers. The investigation by Detective O’Brien was a masterpiece of police work in an environment not conducive to such careful forensic analysis.

A Midnight Melee. In 1920 a well-known Nor’ Wester, Charles Athelstone Park, was arrested for the murder of Big Bob, an aboriginal drover. The investigation covered territory from the Kimberley to the Upper Gascoyne. The trial, its revelations, and its aftermath brought the reality of dangerous bush life to the city dwellers, and was a harbinger of the current situation where more city people are attacked and murdered by “aboriginals” than they were in the goldrush days of the 1890s.