manufacturing_factories_cvrManufacturing Factories. 1900

Above and Beyond

Perth and Suburbs

By Loraine Coates

ISBN 978-0-85905-615-1, (New, 2015), illustrated, 227 pages, 160 x 240, 600 grams

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Details of the hundreds of factories that produced almost all our industrial needs and employed thousands of West Australians. An essential reference to see what we once were. Now destroyed by so called 'free trade', globalisation, and glorified shopkeepers who trade in international cast offs.

Soon we will face the extreme penalties imposed on nations that delegate their livelihoods to alien sources. All so that a very few can export iron and essential minerals while enriching themselves on the blood of the nation and literally enslaving a once independent and educated work force. You know which fat rats to boil when tshtf.