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mountain_view_goldMountain View Gold - Day Dawn

The Italians who made it Happen

by Alex Palmer

ISBN 978-0-85905-514-7, (2012N), illust., 125pp, 240g'

$25.00 + POST

A new day dawned for Day Dawn WA, following a rich strike at Mountain View.

A group of Italian prospectors at Day Dawn in the 1940s, down to their uppers, defying the advice of experts, persevered for four years before they finally struck it rich.

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moving_mountainsMoving Mountains

The Evolution of Port Hedland Harbour

by Murray Shaw

ISBN 0 85905 389 X, (2007 new), Soft Cover, A4, 98pp, Illustrated in colour, 285grams

$30* + POST

Contains 21 colour and 24 black and white illustrations.

Port Hedland is the biggest tonnage port in Australia. This is its story!

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mums_grey_hair_CVR"Mum’s Grey Hair"

by Rod Dickson

ISBN 978-0-85905-584-0, (2014), A4, 198pp, illustrated, 555grams

$40.00* + POST

Rod Dickson’s idiosyncratic memoirs cover his early childhood in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, his years at Tyler St. Primary and Reservoir and Northcote High Schools and after leaving the hallowed halls of learning pursued a 51 year career at sea. On all types of vessels ranging from a crayfishing boat to tugs, oil rig tenders, cargo ships, tankers to finally a 128,000 ton L.N.G. Tanker from which he retired. The title of this autobiography comes from his mother’s favourite saying - "Rodney you gave me all my Grey Hairs."

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Mungilli : Poor Little Fella

by Maureen Herbert

ISBN 978-0-85905-588-8, (2014, new), Softcover, A4, well illustrated - some colour, 111pp, 325g

$30.00* + POST

Maureen and Trevor Herbert, on a desert expedition with Dr Bill Peasley, found a half starved desert dingo and he adopted them.

This is the story of their times together, enlightened by the correspondence of Mungilli and Dr Bill.

A good read for those interested in desert travel, wildlife, and people.

murder_at_maylands_cvrMurder at Maylands

Executed under an alias

W.C. Charnley & Peter J. Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-670-0, (New, 2017), 22 pages, illustrated, A4, 70 grams

$15.00* + POST

For 90 years the true identity and fate of a murderer has been hidden.

murder_on_the_rpfMurder on the Rabbit Proof Fence

The Strange Case of Arthur Upfield and Snowy Rowles

by Terry Walker

ISBN 0 85905 189 7, (1993 new), 140mm x 215mm, Soft Cover, 152pp, illustrated, 210grams

$25.00 + POST

It was a murder mystery writer's worst nightmare come true.  In 1929 Arthur Upfield, Australia's premier crime writer, plotted a perfect murder for his novel The Sands of Windee.

To his horror, one of his friends, Snowy Rowles, put the scheme into deadly effect even before the book was published.  The result was Western Australia's most sensational murder trials of the 1930s.

music_across_waves_cvrMusic Across the Waves

Pauline O'Connor, A West Australian Pianist

by H.P. Belviso

ISBN 978-0-85905-623-6, (2015, New), 110 pages, 160 x 240, illustrated, 250 grams

$30.00* + POST

Available only direct from the author This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Postage $7.00

My Fourth Tour in W.A.

by A.F. Calvert

ISBN 0 85905 033 5, (1989 reprint of 1897 edition), Hard Cover, quarto, 400pp, illustrated, 1.6kg

$95.00* + POST

One of the most magnificent books on the Western Australian goldfields and the bush.  Contains hundreds of photographs and sketches of people and places.

my_life_storyMy Life Story

by F.W. Bow

ISBN 978-0-85905-533-8, (1954, 2012), A4, 44 pp, illust., 150 grams

$16.50* + POST

Fred Bow was an 1890s prospector who built the Kununalling pub, farmed at Coolgardie, and a pioneer of Esperance.

my_nativesMy Natives and I

by Daisy Bates (edited by Peter J. Bridge with an introduction by Bob Reece of Murdoch University)

ISBN 085905 313 X, (2004 new), 292 pp illustrated, 216mm x 140 mm, section sewn, limp cover, 390grams

$35.00 + POST

"There is in the life of Daisy Bates something of the spirit of service that moved Florence Nightingale, and something of the spirit of sacrifice that filled the heart of Father Damien.

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mystery_of_the_mayanup_poltThe Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist

by Helen Hack

ISBN 085905 268 0, (2000 new), Soft Cover, laminated, 92pp, illustrated, 150grams

$22.00 + POST

In the south west of Western Australia during the 1950s a series of mysterious incidents intrigued the nation.

Stones and other objects were thrown about or appeared inside closed rooms and in various other ways showed scant regard for the laws of physics.  The centre of attention was a part-Aboriginal family of farm workers.

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