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turning_men_into_stone_cvrTurning Men Into Stone

A social and medical history of silicosis in Western Australia 1890-1970

by Criena Fitzgerald

ISBN 978-0-85905-635-9, (New, 2016), 170 x 240, section sewn, 252pp, illustrated, indexed, 710 grams

$50.00 + POST

1960, WA physician Dr Bob Elphick remarked to his colleagues that the mining industry was turning men into stone. This evocative image aptly described the end-stage pathophysiological changes that occurred in the lungs of the state’s goldminers after exposure to silica dust. Until 1926 in WA, when X-ray technology became readily available and financially viable, diagnosis of dust disease in miners was fraught, flawed and at best an educated medical guess.

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Twentieth Century Impressions of Western Australia

P.W.H. Thiel & Co., Perth, WA. 1901

ISBN 08905 269 9, (2000 reprint of 1901 edition), Hard Cover, 305mm x 245mm (A4+), 808pp, illustrated, 410grams

$250.00 + POST (The print run is 500 copies, available only from Hesperian Press)

This magnificent book is one of the most sought after reference works on nineteenth century Western Australia. It is an extremely rare book, and up until now it has been available only in a few selected libraries in a microfilm format.  Fair copies, if they can be found, sell for around $3,000.

Apart from its wealth of information, this book is lavishly illustrated with contemporary and historic photographs of people, places, buildings and industries. Of particular interest are the panoramas of the streets of Perth and Fremantle taken from high vantage points, and major industrial sites.

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tewnty_three_days_adriftTwenty Three Days Adrift

by WC Charnley

[ISBN 978-0-85905-886-5], (1935, 2021), A4, 18 pages, illustrated, 105 grams. $22.00*

The loss of the Carnarvon Castle in 1907 off the WA coast is an epic of the Ocean.