unbroken_spiritUnbroken Spirit

by Brian Peachey

ISBN 085905 275 3, (2000 new), Soft Cover, laminated, 149mm x 214mm, 151pp, illustrated, section sewn, 230grams

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Unbroken Spirit is a true account of the poverty of the underprivileged in nineteenth century England. It also tells of the consequences suffered by William Boxhal, who was one of the thousands who transgressed the law.

It is a graphic story of Boxhal's degrading imprisonment for three years in England, especially the eighteen months of hard labour he spent in the rotting hulk, the Defence, on the Thames.

Read MoreHis transportation to the Swan River Colony in 1856, crammed on the William Hammond with 250 other convicts, is vividly depicted.

But it is Boxhal's time following his ticket-of-leave, contracted to Bishop Salvado at New Norcia, his marriage, the raising of a large family and the successful development of a prosperous farm without capital that demonstrates the unbroken spirit.

He was one of only about five percent of the convicts who came to Western Australia to survive and rise above their incarceration and discrimination.

Brian Peachey has been a prolific writer and social commentator, being published in various national and international journals. He has also had a deep involvement in Australian politics. Unbroken Spirit is his third book.