the-winds-of-changeThe Winds of Change

by Gary Mentiplay

ISBN 978 0 85905 931 2. (New, 2022) A4 size, Soft Cover (French Flaps), 302 pages, illustrated colour, 1.2kg,

$60.00 AUD; Postage within Australia $15.00 AUD.

Sub-titled "Memories of BMC Leyland Australia" this book's main focus is on the people that had a close connection with the company. There are 42 accounts from people that were involved at the main BMC Leyland Australia manufacturing plant in Zetland (NSW); the Dealers that sold and serviced the cars; and the owners that bought the cars new.

The company's products are covered, from the early post-war CKD assembled models to the locally manufactured Austin, Morris and Wolseley cars of the late 1950s; the front wheel drive era of the 1960s with the Mini, Morris 1100, Austin 1800, Morris 1500 and Nomad; and on into the 1970s with the Austin Kimberley, Marina and P76. There are in-depth accounts on the Leyland Marina, P76 Targa Florio, Force 7 coupe, plus information on the P76 in Australia's taxi fleets.

Also featured are the stories of two marathon long distance trips. From the United Kingdom to New Zealand in 1950 driving a Morris Oxford overland (with a couple of sea journeys included, of course) and an epic around-Australia drive in the 1979 REPCO Trial by members of the HMAS Cerberus Car Club.

General coverage includes details on the ethnic mix of employees at Zetland; the testing of prototypes in New South Wales and Queensland; Press reports on the future of Leyland Australia from early 1973 and late 1974, and a detailed account of the negotiations between the federal government and Leyland Australia in late 1974 on the closure of the Zetland plant and the company's restructure.

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