And-NowAnd now... The Governor's Wife

by Diane Pope and Jenny Davis

ISBN 978-0-85905-646-5, (New, 2016), 195 x 235, illustrated, 56 pages, 230 grams

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Three Swan River Colony Governor's wives share their stories in this play. Ellen Mangles Stirling (1830-1839) and George Fletcher Moore sing the song 'Western Australia for me' that he composed for the first ball in the colony in 1831. Mary Essex Hampton (1862-1868) tries to justify the actions of both her husband and son in their treatment of the convicts. Lady Frederick Broome (1882-1889) reminisces about the many books and articles she published describing the early colonial life in Western Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They all argue emphatically about the treatment of aboriginals during their time in Western Australia.