Geological and mining library for sale.

My library of some 60 years of collecting must be disseminated to the wider world.

I can categorically state that this is the best privately held library in Australia of this material.

Such items will never come on the market again.

It covers many countries from America, north and south, Africa, Europe, Asia, and especially Australia. Much Australian material goes back to the 1850s, while the world wide items go back to the 1890s. Covers all aspects of geology and mineralogy. Much is general. Much is collectable.

With lighting installed in my new shed and raring to go, I am at present unpacking the mountain of cartons which have been stored for several decades.

The extent is too large to list. Perhaps if anyone has a specific interest in a country or subject they can query me. Offers accepted for the bulk collection.

Peter J. Bridge, mineralogist.