Small essays and reports as A5 booklets have been produced.

These are :-

3000 Miles on Side Saddle. Daisy Bates. ISBN 978-0-85905-718-9, A5, $10.00*

Alligators of Cambridge Gulf, The by W.C. Charnley. ISBN 978-0-85905-694-6, A5, $5.00*

An Aboriginal Monster. by Daisy Bates. ISBN 978-0-85905-740-0, (RN, 2018), A5, 10 pp, $5.00*

A description of the habits and character of an Aboriginal monster who terrorised his tribe and cannibalised all he could.

A tale of the Meekatharra Track by Jean Dell & Hal Warwick. ISBN 978-0-85905-709-7, A5, $10.00*

Billy's Passenger. A voyage to Port Walcott by Richmond Thatcher. ISBN 978-0-85905-708-0, A5, $10.00*

Contributions towards an Aboriginal Dictionary of Biography by Peter Bridge. ISBN 978-0-85905-668-7, A5, $10.00*

The Count, Giovanni Francisco De Bonanate, a Perth Character. Ed. by Peter J Bridge. ISBN 978-0-85905-743-1, (New, 2018), A4, 24pp, illustrated, 80 grams, $22.00*

Goose's Puzzle, The. by Peter J. Bridge. ISBN 978-0-85905-713-4, A5, $10.00* The biography of prospector Charlie 'The Goose' Harris.

Hannans Revisited by Watty. ISBN 978-0-85905-690-8, A5, $5.00*

Matrimony at Marble Bar. ISBN 978-0-85905- 693-9, A5, $5.00* A mesalliance in the mulga.

Oldest Perth. The days before the white men won. Daisy Bates. ISBN 978-0-85905-721-9, A5, $10.00*

Pearl Station on the NW Coast, The by Richmond Thatcher. ISBN 978-0-85905-707-3, A5, $10.00*

Port Hedland to Carnarvon by Buckboard by Daisy Bates. ISBN 978-0-85905-722-6, A5, $16.00*

Real Stolen Generations, The. Lost in the bush and stolen by blacks by Peter Bridge. ISBN 978-0-85905-665-6, A5, $10. The disappeared white children.

Tin Memorials in Menzies Cemetery, The. by Yvonne Coate. ISBN 978-0-85905-717-2, $15.00*

Wild Nor'-West, The by Crosscut Wilson. ISBN 978-0-85905-692-2, A5, $5.00*

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