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farewelllenhillA Farewell to Len Hill, Canning Stock Route Drover and Kimberley Cattleman

By Felicity Hamlyn-Hill & Peter J. Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-791-2, (New, 2019), 11 pages, 40 grams, $10.00*

An outline of the life and an appreciation of Len Hill, author of Droving with Ben Taylor.

family_farmThe Family Farm—Success & Succession

by Judith Stanich

ISBN 0 85905 231 1, (1995 new), Soft Cover, 113pp, illustrated, 160grams

$22.00 + POST

An essential handbook that deals with the very sensitive and taboo subject of family business succession.  The author believes she has found a way for families to deal with and resolve this issue.

FCB_VosperFCB Vosper of the long hair. A radical democrat ahead of his time.

Chris Holyday.

ISBN 978-0-85905-994-7, (2023, New), A4, illustrated, 145 pages, 420 grams, $40.00*

A detailed biography of a great politician. “Apart from the Premier, Sir John Forrest, no public figure was more widely known in the West Australian gold rush of the 1890s than FCB Vosper. Street-corner agitator, vitriolic newspaper editor and state politician, he achieved remarkable prominence while still in his twenties.” – Edwin Jaggard. 

This is the first comprehensive biography of an outstanding democrat of democrats whose star shone brightly across the roaring nineties of the West Australian gold rushes. He was a firebrand newspaper editor, powerful public speaker, passionate miner, mineralogist, mine reporter, union agitator, MLA for Western Australia and a reformer. He has contributed significantly to the history of Western Australia and his biography makes compelling reading.

fields_gold_coverFields Gold

A story of the Yalgoo Goldfields

by Alex Palmer

ISBN 978-0-85905-464-5, (2010 R 2009, 1999, 1981), 116pp, illustrated, 160grams

$22.00 + POST

Remnants of the toil of our forebears more than a century ago can be found hidden in the undergrowth at Fields Find. This raises many questions. How was so much achieved using little more than brawn and determination, under such adverse isolation and climate conditions?

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fifty_years_afloatFifty Years Afloat

by Hugh Cameron

ISBN 0 85905 213 3, (1996 New), Soft Cover, 145mm x 215mm, 198pp, illustrated, 240grams

$22.00 + POST

Fifty Years Afloat details the Rottnest and Swan River ferry boats and the men who ran them.

Hugh Cameron's interesting and well-written account of his experience in small vessels, particularly ferries in Western Australia, and on dredges in Queensland, makes a welcome addition to the published material dealing with aspects of local maritime history.

                                                                                      L. Cairns, W.A. Maritime Museum

The Western Isle (Captain Cook) is a memorial to Hugh Cameron. I admired his determination and workmanship.

                                                                                                Alan Brow, Marine Surveyor

fighting_for_lifeFighting for Life

by Judith Fitzhardinge

ISBN 0 85905 224 9, (1996 new), Soft Cover, 268pp, illustrated, 340grams

$33.00 + POST

John Fitzhardinge was in Greece and Crete with the Artillery during World War II.

He was eventually taken prisoner by the crew of an Italian submarine and incarcerated in Italy and Germany.


Fighting the Kimberley

The 3 Australian Corps Kimberley Guerilla Warfare Group, 1942-1943

by Peter J Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-501-7, (2012 N), 356pp, A4, 311 illusts., indexed, section sewn, soft cover, 1kg +

$60.00* + POST

See Dollypot Vol. 4 No.1 for further information (in pdf format)

The role of Major Mitchell’s 3rd Australian Army Corps Guerilla Warfare Group, 101 Field Security, Special Duties groups, Special Independent Guerilla Warfare Company, Volunteer Defence Corps, 11 North West Battalion, and the Derby Garrison in the defence of the Kimberley and the North West.

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Fighting the Kimberleys. Errata & Additions.

Peter J. Bridge.

ISBN 978-0-85905-932-9, (New 2022), A4, 15 pages, 80 grams $22.00*

Printed for permanent record. Free pdf on website. 

finding_hmas_sydneyFinding HMAS Sydney

A Memoir

by Glenys McDonald

ISBN 978-0-85905-629-8, (2016, New), A4, illustrated, 120pp, 350grams

$30.00* + POST

The author was a key figure in the Sydney search. This is the story of the finding of the great ship and of the personal journey of the author in dealing with her husband's dementia. A very readable story from both the maritime and medical views.



The Finest Goldfields in the World

The Austin Expedition to the Murchison in 1854

Edited by Peter J Bridge, Kim Epton, Marion Hercock and Sheryl Milentis, with the members of the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project, and with an introduction by Professor J.M.R. Cameron.

ISBN 978-0-85905-018-0, (2009 new), casebound, dust jacketed, 240pp, illustrated, 610 grams

$80.00*+ POST

Published in association with Mark G. Creasy.

In 1854 Robert Austin led an expedition east and then north to the Murchison River. Disasters from a gun accident, poison plants, and thirst assailed them. After many tribulations they reached the Geraldine Mine on the Lower Murchison over two months later. Their exploration inspired others to prospect the desert for both grass and gold, culminating in the opening of the area in the 1880s, and the finding of rich goldfields. More than 150 years after his difficult and perilous journey Austin is now placed among the premier explorers of the Australian outback.

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fire_foxesFire, Foxes, and Feral Cats.

Per Christensen

ISBN 978-0-85905-927-5, (New, 2022), A4, 123 pages, illustrations in colour, 510 grams, $40.00

Have you ever wondered why many of our unique fauna have disappeared from Australia in the short time since European colonization? Over the years many theories have been advanced to try to explain this but most ecologists have come now to believe the introduced European Red fox and wild domestic cat, together with changed fire regimes to be the principal causes.

Ecologist Per Christensen was the first scientist to demonstrate this and he was the first to try to develop large scale fauna management techniques using fire and broad scale predator control to carry out re-introduction experiments.

An migrant from Kenya with a background in forestry and a university degree in botany and zoology, Per worked as a research officer in the magnificent southern forests of Western Australia. When green politics and political whim resulted in the amalgamation of forestry, wildlife and National Parks into a new department of Conservation and Land Management Per's work expanded to the arid country.

A serious but at times light hearted account full of interesting characters and amusing situations in which science frequently has to negotiate green politics, political whim, and public opinion. A story of triumphs and failures.

first_adtor_cvrThe First Actor on the Goldfields

by Tom Cannam

ISBN 978-0-85905-577-2, (2014, new), 15pp, SC, B5,  40g

$10.00* + POST

English actor ‘Tom Cannam’, Thomas Arthur Sowden, 1863-1940s, arrived in Australia in 1891 and soon ended up at the Coolgardie rush. A long life on the stage made him a household name between the wars. This is his autobiographical account of his travails in early Coolgardie.


Flight of Diamonds

by Major W. Tyler

ISBN 0 85905 105 6, (1987 new), 134pp, SC, illustrated 200grams

$25.00 + POST

The 1942 Japanese attack on Broome had been kept hidden by the Curtin’s wartime government. Tyler gives the first full account of the raid and of the loss of $12 million in diamonds, still unrecovered.  Copious illustrations of Japanese, Dutch, United States and Australian aircraft and personnel involved in the disaster.

flip_side_war_coverFlip Side War

by Ean McDonald

ISBN 0 85905 353 9, (2005 New), soft cover, A4 175pp, illustrated, 485grams

$30* + POST

“Flip Side War is an easily read series of anecdotes covering much of World War Two in the Royal Australian Navy, being the experiences of a young man, cum sailor, cum officer caught up in that part holocaust, part puzzle and part circus. It does not set out to be strictly historical, or zealously serious, but rather records an intermixing of some of the lighter moments whilst roving many seas among some of the famous battles and campaigns.

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bob_trueFor Those Who Remembered Bob True

A History of Whitfords Reward, Gregory Hills

by Peter J. Bridge with Ian Murray

ISBN 0 85905 413 6, (2007 New, e-published 2006, in the Dollypot, Greenhide and Spindrift column Vol.1 No.6.), 20 pp, saddle, Soft Cover, A4, 95 grams

$15.00*+ POST

Bob True was buried in a lonely grave at Lake Wells in 1906 by his prospecting mates.

s_s_foreign_foot_coverSand and Stone – Foreign Footprints

Police in the Kimberley 1880–1890s

by  Kevin Moran

ISBN 978‑0‑85905‑447‑8, (2009), fully indexed, A4, Soft Cover, 271pp, 735grams

$40.00*+ POST

The author retired from the West Australian Police Force as Superintendent in 1994 when acting Chief Superintendent Perth Region.

Following on from his earlier Sand and Stone volumes, the author has systematically combed the police files to uncover these Kimberley stories. They are absolutely essential for all interested in the area. This is the first of 3 volumes on the Kimberley.

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forrestry_thro_fiftiesForestry through the Fifties. Second edition.
Kevin Coate OAM.

ISBN 978-0-85905-981-7, (New, 2023), 160 x 240, Very well illustrated, indexed, French flap soft cover, 300 pages, 830 grams, $60.00*

The second, greatly expanded edition. A young forestry officers journey with the Western Australian Forests Department.

This interesting book provides a fascinating insight into how an aspiring young forest officer gained knowledge and skills through practical experience, working and camping in the bush.

Kevin Coate started work in 1951 at Margaret River and was stationed at settlements from Mundaring Weir in the north to Walpole in the south.

It was an era when steam powered timber mills still operated and power saws had just begun to take over from axes and crosscut saws.

A gem for all interested in the forests and the south west.

This book was published without any input from shire, company or state coffers. Nevertheless it outshines any literary eructations from those structures.

forestry_fiftiesForestry through the Fifties. A young forestry officer’s journey with the Western Australian Forests Department.

By Kevin Coate.

[ISBN 978-0-85905-977-3], (New, 2021). 175 x 250, 262 pages, heavily illustrated, indexed, 730 grams, $50.00*

This interesting book provides a fascinating insight into how an aspiring young forest officer gained knowledge and skills through practical experience, working and camping in the bush.

Kevin Coate started work in 1951 at Margaret River and was stationed at settlements from Mundaring Weir in the north to Walpole in the south.

It was an era when steam powered timber mills still operated and power saws had just begun to take over from axes and crosscut saws.

A gem for all interested in the forests and the south west.

This book was published without any input from shire, company or state coffers. Nevertheless it outshines any literary eructations from those structures.

the-forgotton-explorers-coverThe Forgotten Explorers:

pioneer geologists of Western Australia, 1826 – 1926

by John Glover with Jenny Bevan

ISBN 978-0-85905-473-7, (2010 N), 246pp, 240 x 160, illustrated, 700 grams

$40.00* + POST

Who were the great Australian explorers?

Most people immediately think of men like Burke and Wills, Giles, Sturt, Grey, Stuart, Leichhardt, Kennedy and Eyre: and it is true that, besides their achievements, all of these suffered great hardships, and some perished, mak­ing them more memorable historically.

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hann_cvrFrank Hann’s Lolworth Diaries 1866-1875

Transcribed and edited by Ian Elliot

ISBN 978-0-85905-547-5, (2013, New), A4, illustd., 192pp, 515 grams

$50.00* + POST

The long awaited precursor to Do Not Yield to Despair. Frank Hann’s early days in North Queensland. Annotated and indexed. Cattle Cape mining, characters, conflict, social and family life. Essential for any work on the period in N. Q.

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FRED_MCGILL_BRIDGE_150Fred McGill: An Ambiguous Aboriginal

Ed. by Peter J. Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-679-3, (New 2017), A5, softcover, 34pages, 50 grams

$10.00* + POST

The life of Fred, a Noongar among the easterner Mirning. Fred was a hit man for settlement to the east and took part in Russell’s 1897 expedition. His story in his own words. Fred died in 1909. Published 28 Sept 2017.

from_wales_to_Gwalia_webFrom Wales to Gwalia

A Swansea editor and his Australian goldmine

by Alwyn Evans

ISBN 978-0-85905-630-4, (2016, New), A4, heavily illustrated – b&w and colour, well referenced and indexed, 184pp, 515 grams

$50.00* + POST

A long awaited history of the Sons of Gwalia goldmine at Leonora. Assiduous research into the Welsh and Australian origins of this famous mine by Alwyn Evans for a thesis, now modified for general reading has resulted in an essential reference for any and all interested in WA mining history. An appendix on the exaggerated role of Hoover is of interest as an independent analysis divorced from the adulatory propaganda.

first-overlandThe First Overland Cattle Drove from South Australia to Kalgoorlie.

by EP Halford

ISBN 978-0-85905-790-5, (New, 2020), A4 illustrated, 40 pages, 150 grams, $25.00*

The Halford familiy’s great trek across the Nullarbor to Kalgoorlie where they started Credo Station in 1904. Brilliant photos. 

forgotten_art_flash_jack The Forgotten Art of Flash Jack Barrymore.
Works on Paper, Painted Pearl Shells and Engraved Boab Nuts, from the first half of the 20th Century. 

Kim Akerman with Bruno Jordanoff. 

ISBN 978-0-85905-993-0, (New, 2023), A4, Illustrated in colour, french flaps, 86 pages, 390 grams, $52.00*

In the first half of the 20th century Flash Jack was a well-known and respected artist who primarily catered for the crews and passengers of steam ships that serviced the coastal towns of Western Australia and sailed north to Singapore.

Working on paper, boab nuts and small pearl shells, Jack created images of Aboriginal life in the Kimberley. Sadly, by the 1970s his name had disappeared from the story of Kimberley indigenous art history. In The Forgotten Art of ‘Flash Jack’ Barrymore, Kim Akerman with Bruno Jordanoff examine Jack’s life and art, bringing together nearly a hundred works of art which had, until recently, been forgotten and place this extraordinary man as a crusader for Aboriginal contemporary art in the Kimberley.

The Forked Thumb Tribe of Cookes Swamp.

Myra Wolter (nee Sheppard). With intro and annotations by Bob Shephard.

ISBN 978-0-85905-922-0, (New, 2022), A5, 28 pages, illustrated, 50 grams, $15.00*

Details of a tribe which once lived near Arrino, WA.