Dollypot, Greenhide and Spindrift:

A Journal of Bush History

January 2006 . Published erratically. Editor Peter J Bridge.

As the title suggests we intend to cover items concerned with the bush.
These will be primarily historical in content but will cover a wide range of non-fiction subjects:- droving, mining, poets and poetry, people, incidents, aboriginals, book reviews, errata in Hesperian books, ongoing projects, maritime, obituaries, etc
The main area of interest will be W.A. with forays into other states and associated areas such as the Indian Ocean, PNG and NZ.
Initially the work will come from the editor’s files but suitable offerings from authors and researchers will be accepted.
Other journals of the bush have problems of, more emphasis on colour than content with the ads better than the articles, emphasis on dollar stroking and silver tails, or in the case of a folklore journal, romantic rubbish. My subs to these have lapsed. There are journals that have serious content and contain useful references to aspects of bush history, such as the Eastern Goldfields Historical Society, Mining History Society, Kimberley Society, Geological Society (WA), & WA Genealogical Society. We hope to draw our readers attention to items of interest in these and other such productive journals.
We intend to follow the lead of the old Western Mail and allow pen names. These ultimately will not be confidential, but enable those writers unsure of themselves to gain confidence. Eventually a regular contributor may be happy to let other readers know of their connection to their chosen cognomen.
All submissions must have the full details of the author and abide by the laws on libel and slander.
For:- the bush, nation builders, real people (black, white, and brindle), and real Australian history.
Against:- the government, post modernism, creative writing (aka bullshit), pseudo-indigenes, religious wackos, multiculturalism, sexual dimorphism beyond the natural complementary forms, political correctness, economic [ir]rationalism and other forms of political perversion.
This will be added to at the whim and s.o.l. state of the editor.
Wanted. Bush history photos. Pen portraits of bush people, past and present, with due regard to the laws inhibiting open expression of views on the obnoxious. Reviews of books of interest. Volunteer typists.

Gift of $10,000 worth of Hesperian titles to the WA prison system.

We have given some 15 copies each of 24 titles that are still current books but of which we are overstocked. We need the space. Hopefully some of the prisoners will appreciate good books as a relief from the mind rotting TV. We even gave an extra set for the staff so they do not have to pinch the prisoner’s copies.

The perfect gift.

Eric Linklater wrote, in A Year of Space (1953):- Of all the minor gifts, books are the most agreeable, and in the fashion and restriction of our times only minor gifts can be made. There is no one left who will present a parting guest with a cheque for £1000, an elephant, an ocean-going yacht, or a pair of dancing girls; and in the habit and narrower circumstance of this age, such gifts (or most of them) would be embarrassing. But how welcome is a book, for given books read doubly well.

Some subjects in preparation. Chaining and early bush gaols. Bush burials. Cannibalism of children in the early colony. Dead Persons Society and the indexing of bush books. Bush verse. Pen names. GML names. Nicknames. Roll-ups and bush justice. Meteorites and men. Syndactylism. Albino abos. Lonely graves. Exploration. Who keeps the keepers clean.Book burners in Western Australia. Nuggets. Gold stealing. Salting. Pseudobitumen. Biographical notes. Authors. Bush characters. Shinplasters. Lost mines. Bush ingenuity. Afghans and a/holes. Nugget brooches. Loaming origins. Miners rights. Walkers. Moonblind.

Projects. The Drovers Directory (Mary Taylor), Histories of Nullagine, Bangemall, Ashburton, Wilgie Mia (K McIntyre and PJB), Peterwongy, Lonely graves (Y &K Coate), Exploration.

Vol 1. No. 1   Prospecting Poultry, Mining Sheep, and the Guts of Things– now available in print form 

Vol 1. No. 2   Land of Forests, Fleas and Flies. - now available in print form

Vol 1. No. 3   Jack Sorensen and his lost verse by Peter Bridge. - now available in print form

Vol 1. No. 4   Esther Austin or Adventures on the Goldfields - now available in print form

Vol 1. No. 5   Whatever happened to Kangaroo Kate? - now available in print form

Vol 1. No. 6   For those who remembered Bob True, died 29 July 1906. - now available in print form

Vol 1. No. 7   Krakatoa in Western Australia. - now available in print form

Vol 1. No. 8   Pseudobitumen - available in print form

Vol 1. No. 9   Dollypot Manchurian - Gold Rush

Vol 1. No. 10  David Wynford Carnegie: Aletter from Halls Creek

Vol 2. No. 1   Crooks, con-men, spielers, magsmen, and other dysfunctionals from the bottom of the duck pond. - available in print form

Vol 2. No. 2   Aboriginal Burials at the One-Mile

Vol 2. No. 3   Early life of Moondyne Joe - available in print form

Vol 2. No. 4   Lonely Graves 

Vol 2. No. 5   Pollies and Places

Vol 3. No. 1   The ontology of book burning

Vol 3.  No.  2  Russian Jack: Synchronicity and a different J.F.K 

Vol 3.  No. 3   Nullarbor Biographical Survey

Vol 3.  No. 4   Australian Aboriginal Cannibalism. An eyewitness account.

Vol 3.  No. 5   The lost white woman of Western Australia found in Gippsland

Vol 3.  No. 6   Reopening old mines (appendix to "Small Scale underground Mining)

Vol 4.  No. 1   Fighting the Kimberley. The 3 Australian Corps Kimberley Guerrilla Warfare Group 1942-1943. (In PDF format)

Vol 4. No. 2    Jack Sorensen at 14.

Vol 4. No. 3    Charles Garrett and Hesperian Press

Vol 4. No. 4    Who was Royston Rennie? Hanged under an alias!

Vol 4. No. 5    The Afghan Problem revisited.

Vol 4. No. 6    Vale Patricia Elizabeth Clift (nee Studdy)

Polly of Jacky and Polly, & Jimmy

Leo Laden