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bangemall_cvrBang-em-all. Bush life, and death, on the Gascoyne

Bangemall and the Thomas River Police Station

by Peter J Bridge, with Gail Dreezens

ISBN 978-0-85905-512-3, (2013, New), A4, Illustd., 260 pp, 710 grams

$50.00* + POST

Bangemall, a Gascoyne mining village, 290 km ENE of Carnarvon, near Mt Augustus, cut a swathe through WA history in the 1890s.

Lonely graves, lost gold mines, death by thirst, suicide and native attack. Cattle and gold, natives, cops and crooks, prospectors and gold, in an eye opening collection of details of a forgotten mining town and region. 


The life and writings of E E Shillington

by Peter J. Bridge with Gail Dreezens

ISBN 0 85905 397 0, (2007 new), Soft Cover, A4, 52pp, saddle, 175 grams

$22.00* + POST

Shillington and his mates discovered Sandstone. An interesting writer who could have become an antipodean Bret Harte, but instead had the trams running on time

barrowmen_of_the_western_gfBarrowmen of the Westralian Goldfields

Peter J. Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-730-1, (New, 2018), A4, illustrated, 52pp, 160 grams

$25.00* + POST

In the goldrushes from the 1880s to the 1930s prospectors travelled far and wide with bush made barrows. Their fortitude and fame are one of the finest examples of the tenacity of our pioneer prospectors.

bat_on_chaps_cvrBat On! Chaps

The Bob Parker Story

by Graham J. Brammer

ISBN 978-0-85905-617-5, (New, 2015), A4, 92 pages, illustrated, 270 grams.

$30.00* + POST

Bob Parker of Bundarra and Sydney, NSW, enlisted in the AIF in 1944 and served in BCOF, Japan. After discharge and the start of the Korean War he re-enlisted in the RAR. In the fortunes of war he became a Don-R rider.

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battle_of_kapyongBattle of Kapyong.

ISBN 978-0-85905-964-0, (R. 2022), A4, illustrated, 19 pages, 90 grams, $22.00*

A critical battle in Korea where Australians held the line.

battler_the_coverThe Battler

John Crawford Morrison

edited by P J Bridge, C Holyday & A Teague

ISBN 978-0-85905-456-0, (2008), A4, 49 pp, Soft Cover, 170 grams

$22.00* + POST

Morrison was one of the best goldfields short story writers. This is the collection of his verse and prose.

battling_for_goldBattling for Gold

by John Marshall

ISBN 978-0-85905-613-7, (1903,2015), A4, 67pp, 240 grams.

$22.00* + POST

John Marshall, adventurer, journalist, public figure and Digger’s leader on the Coolgardie-Kalgoorlie goldfield wrote of the early days on the fields in Battling For Gold.

It remains the best collection of goldfields’ stories ever published and relates details of McCann's nugget, the great Coolgardie fire, the Londonderry golden hole, the goldfield's riots, danger, diseases, death and gold, gold, gold.

These stirring incidents of goldfields life will live on forever in Australian history

beckoning_westThe Beckoning West

by Eleanor Smith

ISBN 0 85905 251 6, (1998 reprint of 1966 edition with new material), Soft Cover, 256 pp, illustrated, 325grams

$30.00 + POST

The story of the Canning Stock Route's construction.

Eleanor Smith, who was a nurse before her marriage in 1930, travelled extensively in the outback.

She became fascinated with Trotman’s stories and spent day after day by his fireside listening and taking notes until his five expeditions fell into place and she was able to reproduce them 'in Trotman’s own words'. She has performed a remarkable feat of listening, organising and writing to enable Trotman to tell his story in the first person, in a rich, economical and always convincing style.

This edition includes 23 pages of illustrations.


Before Coolgardie I

Colonial mineral discoveries and mining, a listing to 17 September 1892

by Peter J Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-579-6, (2014, new), Softcover, A4, illustrated, 120pp, 350 g.

$30.00* + POST

A detailed listing and text of the discoveries from 1829 to Bayley and Ford. Essential reference for historians and prospectors. The culmination of decades of collecting data. 

before-coolgardie2Before Coolgardie II

The Prospectors of the Yilgarn

by Peter J Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-580-2, (2014, new), softcover, A4, illustrated, 158pp, 450g.

40.00* + POST

The definitive history of the rushes to Golden Valley and Southern Cross up to the discovery of Coolgardie.

Biographies and photos of the main prospectors involved. This book gives far more detail than any other on the subject, and uncovers much previously unknown material.

Before Coolgardie II INDEX $10

before_goldBefore Gold
by Jim Cameron

ISBN 978-0-85905-982-4, (New, 2023), well illustrated, indexed, French flap soft cover, 321 pages, with a 1908 colour map, $60.00

Before Gold is the mining history of Northampton. The first mining field in WA, it was a flourishing copper and lead producer. Changes in markets led to an erratic life but rich veins remain. Jim Cameron is a retired lecturer on WA economic history, and Northampton born.

Winner of the 2023 Williams/Lee Steere Publication prize.

Several of the entries were strong contenders for the prize, however one book stood out – Jim Cameron's Before Gold: the Northampton Mineral District 1846-1880. Published by Hesperian Press.

This well-researched, excellently referenced book demonstrates a high standard of scholarship and the use of a wide range of sources. It is the first work to explore the birth of the WA mining industry and the first major work to cover the period between convicts and gold – so it fills a large gap in Western Australian historical writing. Employing the skills of both geographer and historian Cameron's story is never one-dimensional as it ranges far and wide, including market prices for ore in London and Wales, transport and shipping difficulties, colonial government policies and many other aspects as well. Jim Cameron's engaging and informative narrative is supported by maps, tables and graphs and he is so familiar with his material that it feels as though he knows the people he writes about! The book is also fully indexed – a feature greatly valued by busy researchers. Before Gold is a landmark publication and a worthy winner.

bowyang_coverBen Bowyang

by The Herald

ISBN 0 85905 430 6, (2008 Reprint 1936, 1938), A4, Soft Cover, 53pp, illustrated, 175 grams

$22.00* + POST

A reprint of the rare and classic comic of the bush character, Ben Bowyang and his mates, Kanga, Wilson, Hogan, Lil, and the Parson.

hero-of-kapyongBen O'Dowd - Hero of Kapyong 

by Rory Steele

ISBN 978-0-85905-752-3, [New, 2019], 160 x 240, French flaps, section sewn, illustrated, 197 pages, 500 grams, $50.00*

In their most important engagement in the Korean War, Australian troops were cut off from other battalions and surrounded by units of China's People's Liberation Army. Earlier, as members of a United Nations force responding to the invasion of South Korea by the North, they had fought their way up the peninsula. China then intervened and turned the tide with a series of massive offensives; in late April its forces were poised to break through the UN line and descend on the South Korean capital. Defending a hillside above the Kapyong Valley four hundred men of the Third Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, confronted a determined enemy ten times their number who came at them in wave after wave. Fighting went on for a night and the following day until the order came to the senior officer on the ground to withdraw. Major Ben O'Dowd led the four rifle companies under fire to safety without suffering a single loss. His heroism was never properly recognised. The Chinese onslaught was checked at Kapyong and the war went into stalemate.

O'Dowd, taken into state care at the age of four, left school at fourteen and fended for himself during the Depression. A miner at Kalgoorlie, he enlisted as a private in 1939 and was sent to the Middle East where he was wounded. Later in New Guinea he was decorated for bravery and commissioned in the field as an officer. From 1945 to 1950 he was stationed with occupation forces in Japan. After Korea he served with the British in the Malayan Emergency and became deputy commander at Australia's jungle training centre in Queensland. For ten years after retiring from the Army Ben O'Dowd played a major role in building up the nascent Victorian State Emergency Services into a major institution.

best_timesThe Best of times

Michael Gugeri

ISBN 978-0-85905-689-2, (New 2018), A4, 193 pages, illustrated, indexed, 750 grams

$50.00* + POST

Michael’s first book, God Before Gugeri, is popular among all who know the Derby family. This new book continues the stories of Kimberley life and people with an emphasis on his family. His unconventional tales are a favourite among all who have lived in the Kimberley.


Between Beach and Bush. Remember Old North Beach, Trigg and Watermans Bay.

By Chris Holyday

ISBN 978-0-85905-838-4, (New, 2020), A4, colour sections, well-illustrated, 142 pages, 620 grams, $40.00*

The book is a virtual trip back in time to the coastal suburbs of North Beach, Trigg and Watermans Bay of old, and is lavishly illustrated. It provides the first comprehensive history of these coastal suburbs. Attractively presented and including numerous photos, many never before published, this limited print book will undoubtedly become a sought-after collectors’ item.  It describes, in great detail, the first homes built by non-Aboriginal people in the coastal districts, the pioneering Hamersley empire along the coast, the first shops opened, an early shipwreck, convict visitors, early developments by the Perth Road Board (predecessor of the City of Stirling), building of the first jetty, the first land subdivisions, derivation of the street names of the district, early transport, the first surf lifesaving club,  the story behind Mettam’s Pool and many tragic drownings at Trigg Island, as well as many other interesting events and people that helped build these suburbs over 100 years from 1869. 

beyond_boundary_fencesBeyond Boundary Fences

by G.J.C. McDonald

ISBN 0 85905 207 9, (1996 new), Soft Cover, 264pp, illustrated, 340grams

$30.00 + POST

George McDonald was an Inspector of Police in Kalgoorlie during the 1890s.

In Beyond Boundary Fences he relates stories of the early Murchison goldfield's characters, Aboriginals, bushmen and outlaws.

Beyond Boundary Fences INDEX $10

beyond_stirling_tree_cvrBeyond the Stirling Tree

by Harold T. Loton

ISBN 978-0-85905-545-1, (New 2012), A4, 97pp, illust., 340grams

$30.00* + POST

Please do not order from Hesperian Press available from author only

New updated third edition. A brief history of the Australian Loton Families from the early 1800s to 2012 and some hidden history of the Swan River settlement.

Only available from Harold Loton, Unit 72, St Louis Estate, 14 Albeert Street. Claremont, 6010.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

bibliography_coverBibliography of books, articles, and pamphlets dealing with Western Australia, issued since its discovery in 1616

by Francis G Steere

ISBN 978-0-85905-500-0, (1923, reprint 2011), 186pp, A4, 515 grams

$45.00* + POST

This important and interesting bibliography, compiled by the then Parliamentary Librarian, contains many references no longer easily accessible through the library catalogues due to the iniquitous policy of not indexing journal articles. An essential reference for bibliophiles, librarians and historians. The original in exceptionally rare. 

bicycle_bushThe Bicycle and the Bush

by J. Fitzpatrick

ISBN 0 85905 250 8, (2002 reprint of 1980 edition), Soft Cover, 256pp, illustrated, 530grams

$50.00* + POST

The best book on bicycle history ever. The effect of the bicycle on the Australian outback.


by Katy Vickers and John McMicking

ISBN 978-0-85905-532-1, new 2012, A4, 196pp, illust col & b&w, 540grams

$40.00* + POST

John and Torrance McMicking were well known east Kimberley stockmen. Torrence started El Questro. The story of early life on Cashmere Downs and life in the Kimberley as told to Katy Vickers. An end of an era.

bill_mary_mac_cvrBill and Mary Mac

From the Kimberleys to Cocklebiddy and places in between

by Jill Campbell

ISBN 978-0-85905-535-2, (2014 New), A4, 119pp, well illustrated and indexed, 340g

$35.00* + POST

Bill McDonald droved from Queensland through the Territory and settled in the Kimberley. Mary Darcy moved from Darwin to the Kimberley and grew up around Wyndham. They married in 1923. Later they shifted to the Nullarbor, starting the Cocklebiddy roadhouse in 1957.

Bill writes of the characters of early Kimberley and incidents of life and death. Mary, of the people and their lives, in an endearing personal way.

Covered are the deaths of Condren & Sullivan, life on Ruby Plains Station with the Darcy family, the Hyland girls, and many other items of interest of the near forgotten years between the wars.

Read more about the book here.

billcooperBill Cooper's Oil Rig Shift Story.

by Bill Cooper

ISBN 978-0-85905-801-8, (New, 2020), A4, 16 pages, illustrated, $15.00*

Old trucker, Bill Cooper's description of the 1939 transport of an oil rig and associated boilers from Derby to Nerrima. Well illustrated with the trucks, rig, and gear that is still there as a historic relic of early oil exploration.

Billy's Passenger. A voyage to Port Walcott 

by Richmond Thatcher.

ISBN 978-0-85905-708-0, (R, 2018), A5, $10.00*

black_and_whiteBlack and white and in between

Arthur Dimer and the Nullabor

by Peter Gifford

ISBN 085905 301 6, (2002 new), Soft Cover, illustrated, 330grams

$30.00 + POST

At one level this is the story of a working man whose life has been spent mostly in a region of Western Australia traversed daily by scores of road and rail travellers, most of whom see it only from their car or train windows – the Nullarbor. If they have time, they might visit the place where his parents were married, the old telegraph station at Eucla, now almost buried by encroaching sand dunes. They might also view the Ngadju Aboriginal display at the Balladonia roadhouse on the Eyre Highway near where Arthur Dimer was born. If they are especially attentive at Balladonia, they will see a copy of Arthur’s application for citizenship of his own country, made in 1948 when he was 24 years of age and already the trusted overseer of the oldest pastoral station in the district, Fraser Range.

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Black-Swan-over-javaBlack Swans Over Java

by Ian Duggan.

ISBN 978-0-85905-898-8, (New, 2021), A4, 139 pages, heavily illustrated, French flaps, 430grams, $40.00*

The story of the Corunna WWII secret air base south of Marble Bar Western Australia, the men that worked there under unbearable conditions to provide fuel, and armaments to American and Australian B.24 Liberator bombers, and the heroic flight crews that flew missions bombing Japanese bases in Java and Bali.

bmc-leylandBMC Leyland in Western Australia 

The People, the Cars, the Dealerships

by Gary Mentiplay

ISBN 978-0-85905-751-6, (2018, New), A4, French flaps, heavily illustrated, 346pages, 1.4kg, $70.00*

Covers the story of the various motor vehicle makes Austin, Morris, Wolseley, MG and Leyland that eventually made up the BMC (British Motor Corporation) and Leyland Australia during the years 1908 to 1978.

The main focus is on the post World War Two years, with an emphasis on the cars and the people in Western Australia who sold and serviced them. The inter-war years, 1919 to 1938 are also covered. The book contains a large amount of information, and is well illustrated with photos and period advertisements.

A4 size with 338 pages, 19 Chapters, six Appendices and Index. Appendix A is an extensive listing of over 640 Austin, Morris, Nuffield, BMC and Leyland dealers and agents in Western Australia.

Australia wide post is $14.55. Overseas post details and orders to

Author: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone: 0420 448 036

bmc_leylandBMC Leyland in Western Australia Mk.II

The People, the Cars, the Dealerships

by Gary Mentiplay

ISBN 978-0-85905-880-3, (2021, New), A4, French flaps, heavily illustrated, 367 pages, 1.4kg, $60.00*

Post / Pack (within Australia): $15.00 AUD extra.

This second edition is now available, featuring new material and extensive updating. It features the most complete coverage of the car companies that were a part of BMC and Leyland Australia (and their dealers and agents) in Western Australia, and is well illustrated with photos and period adverts.

Included are the stories of 45 people (from 20 dealerships) who owned, sold, and serviced BMC Leyland vehicles during the post war years.

New material includes more information on country agents; the longest-serving dealers in WA; the number of dealers and agents in WA (in five year periods); the national BMC dealer rationalization 1959 to 1963; and Appendix A now contains information on over 675 dealers from 1908 to 1978.

Contact: Gary Mentiplay

0420 448 036 email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

body_and_soulBody and Soul


by A. R. Peile

ISBN 085905 233 8, (1997 new), Hard Cover, dust jacketed, casebound, 334 pages, 700grams

$75.00* + POST

Extracts from a review by W.B. McGregor

 in Anthropos 1999 1/3.

This extraordinary book describes the conceptualisation of the human body, soul, and health at the Kukatja people, who now live at Balgo, in the far north of Western Australia. It is without a doubt the best book I have read in the past two decades on any topic concerning Australian Aborigines. Packed with absolutely fascinating and new information, it also makes a challenging read; the effort required is, however, amply rewarded.

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bonney_downs_stationBonney Downs Station, Nullagine. Memoirs of Thora Howard.

Annotated by Margaret Vermeer.

ISBN 978-0-85905-991-6, A4, 55 pages, illustrated colour and B&W, Indexed, 190 grams, $30.00* plus postage.

Available from Margaret Vermeer (nee Gallop) 0427748236, PO Box 137, Mirrabooka 6941.

born_in_the_desertBorn in the Desert

The land and travels of a last Australian nomad

by Marion Hercock with Georgina (Dadina) Brown

ISBN 978-0-85905-481-2, (2009 New), Soft Cover, 141 pp, illustrated inc 32pp colour, 350grams

$30.00 + POST

This uniquely West Australian story combines the memories of a last aboriginal nomad with a history and geography of the Little Sandy Desert.

Personal stories merge with images of desert landscapes in a colourful, descriptive and candid account of outback life.

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