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a_letter_from_sueA letter to Sue

On the subject of Historical Pollution. 'Greasy Bill' Beakem and William Clancy Little of Cape York Peninsula.

by Jim McJannett

ISBN 978-0-85905-631-1, (2016, New), A5, illustrated, 30pp, 65 grams

$8.00* + POST

Jim McJannett is a committed historian of Cape York Peninsula. He has written many short articles under a pen name. This booklet resolves a problem that has confused many less dedicated researchers for the last century. Small, but important, for those interested in one of the most vibrant gold rushes of the 19th century

a_prosoectors_life_cvrA Prospector's Life

by John Meiklejohn
ISBN 978-0-85905-642-7, (New, 2016), A4, indexed, 52 pages, 165 grams

$22.00* + POST

The newly discovered memoirs of this well-known prospector fill out his articles that were published as Gold Getting Days in 2005. A serendipitous internet search by his grand-daughter discovered Hesperian and so the book came about. A lively read of an adventurous life before WWI. New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Boer War, Madagascar, Klondyke, and London.

a_simple_life_cvrA Simple Life

"Anything But"

by Ron Pass

ISBN 978-0-85905-656-4, A4, 250 pages, illustrated, indexed, 680 grams

$50.00* + POST

Available direct from the author at:-

Ron Pass, 35 Lakefront Circle, The Vines, WA 6069

Telephone: 08 9297 4411 Mobile:0428 964 968

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This engaging memoir recalls the people and places of old Geraldton, the Murchison, Gascoyne and much more of Western Australia.

Written by Ron Pass – all-round horseman and athlete, stockman, yard builder, bush poet and fireman.

The_Adventures_Louis_cvrThe Adventures of Louis De Rougemont

by himself

ISBN 978-0-85905-648-9, (1898 R 2016), A4, heavily illustrated, Facsimile, 180 pages, 502 grams

$40.00* + POST

Unleashed onto the unsuspecting world in London, 1898, the tale is of an adventurer wrecked in the Australian north and surviving the wilds with its cannibals and creatures. It confused the establishment for many decades with its faction. For the last century those fortunate enough to have read the book have laughed at how the dons of science fought with the equally preposterous tales of cynical Australian bushmen. He removed Ananias from his position of leading liar forever. His stories however still live on among the knowing and continue to strike strange chords among those attuned to old ways.

along_the_coast_cvrAlong the Coast

BY Ship Northwards

edited by Peter J Bridge, with a foreword by maritime historian and artist Ross Shardlow

ISBN 978-0-85905-604-5, (R, N2015), A4, illustrated, 212 pages, 580 grams

$50.00* + POST

The forgotten role of coastal shipping in both supplying the North and keeping Westralia in contact with the outside world. A collection of 25 descriptions of voyages along the coast from Eucla to Wyndham, interstate and to south and east Asia, in the period 18 80s to the 1960s.

And-NowAnd now... The Governor's Wife

by Diane Pope and Jenny Davis

ISBN 978-0-85905-646-5, (New, 2016), 195 x 235, illustrated, 56 pages, 230 grams

$30.00* + POST

Available from the author direct.
For all sales and other queries please contact Diane Pope, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and see

Three Swan River Colony Governor's wives share their stories in this play. Ellen Mangles Stirling (1830-1839) and George Fletcher Moore sing the song 'Western Australia for me' that he composed for the first ball in the colony in 1831. Mary Essex Hampton (1862-1868) tries to justify the actions of both her husband and son in their treatment of the convicts. Lady Frederick Broome (1882-1889) reminisces about the many books and articles she published describing the early colonial life in Western Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. They all argue emphatically about the treatment of aboriginals during their time in Western Australia.

australian_mineralogistThe Australian Mineralogist

Vol 1, Nos 1-51, 1975-1986

ISBN 978-0-85905-639-7, (R,2016), A4, sc, 320pp, illustrated, 780 grams

$65.00* + POST

Facsimile of the rare journal for researchers and collectors.

bat_on_chaps_cvrBat On! Chaps

The Bob Parker Story

by Graham J. Brammer

ISBN 978-0-85905-617-5, (New, 2015), A4, 92 pages, illustrated, 270 grams.

$30.00* + POST

Bob Parker of Bundarra and Sydney, NSW, enlisted in the AIF in 1944 and served in BCOF, Japan. After discharge and the start of the Korean War he re-enlisted in the RAR. In the fortunes of war he became a Don-R rider.

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born_to_win_cvrBorn to Command – not to take orders

The Brooks Family of Balbinia station
Pioneers of Israelite Bay, Western Australia

by John Simpson

ISBN 978-0-85905-647-2, (New, 2017), A4, illustrated, indexed, 146 pp, 420grams

$40.00* + POST

The saga of the Brooks family on their isolated station on the edge of the Nullarbor shows the great spirit of settlers in opening hard new land. John Paul Brooks, his sister Sarah, and mother Emily, spent most of their life in physical isolation but kept up international correspondence and cooperation with botanists and geographers.  This is an important biography of a family that shows success is not always the reward for hard work. Only a few of those who ventured created long lasting establishments. Not giving up in the face of great adversity is an achievement which must be honoured, recorded and disseminated as an example for others who may feel overwhelmed by their situations.

cold_footed_mob_cvrThe Cold-Footed Mob

A History of the 5th Australian Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company

by Tom Goode

ISBN 978-0-85905-653-3, (New, 2016), A4, 100 pages, illustrated, indexed, 280 grams

$30.00* + POST

One hundred years ago over two hundred and fifty railwaymen from across the state left Australia for the Western Front. Many were over age and some of doubtful fitness but they went because they felt they were needed.

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convict_assignment_cvrConvict Assignment in Western Australia 1842-1851

by Andrew Gill

ISBN 978-0-85905-619-9, (2016, with a new introduction and corrections to the edition of 2004), A4, 246pp, 700 grams

$50.00* + POST

An essential reference for the study of early convictism in WA, the employment and distribution of the Parkhurst boys and their employers.

crosscuts_war_cvrCrosscut's War - The life and times of a Gallipoli soldier

Thomas Henry "Crosscut" Wilson

by Chris Holyday

ISBN 978-0-85905-652-6, (New, 2016), A4, 79 pages, illustrated, indexed, 240 grams

$30.00* + POST

Thomas Henry (Crosscut) Wilson was a mate of Henry Lawson. He came West in the 1890s in quest of gold but instead struck a very rich vein of literary success along the inky way.

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disorderly_proceedings_cvrDisorderly Proceedings in the Park

Western Australian Football in Colonial Times

by Steve Errington

ISBN 978-0-85905-637-3, (2016, New), A4, illustrated, 194 pages, 535 grams

$40.00* +POST

In the early 1880s in the sleepy towns of Perth and Fremantle young men played loosely organised rugby matches. But in 1885 some keen young players of Victorian Rules imposed their will on this tired scene and formed what is now the West Australian Football League, starting a competition which continues 131 years later.

Clubs came and went: Centrals, Metropolitans, Victorians and West Australians are no more. Unions changed their name. An early East Perth club lasted two years.

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the_drovers_cook_cvrThe Drover’s Cook and other verses

by Tom Quilty

ISBN 978-0-85905-640-3, (1958 R 2016), 124 pages, soft cover, 140 grams.

$25.00* + POST

Tom Quilty was a well-known Kimberley cattleman who became famous for his verse and especially for his descriptive poem, “The Drover’s Cook – weighed fifteen stone, He had one bloodshot eye, He had no laces on his boots, No buttons on his fly.”

The royalties for this book go to the Kimberley RFDS. This small reprint of a now rare book is done to satisfy the curious readers of the new Red Dog: True Blue by Louis de Bernieres in which the author quotes verse from The Drover’s Cook.