golden_era_animal_healthThe Golden Era of Animal Health

The History of Disease Control in Farm Animals in Western Australia 1829 – 1990

by Fred Newman with Alex Williams

ISBN 978-0-85905-574-1, (2014, New), A4, 93pp, illustrated, 280 grams.

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Through the years a stock inspector has been; a stockman, bush vet, bush lawyer, and as a public servant committed and dedicated to protecting, improving and enhancing livestock production throughout the State of Western Australia.

As initially set down by the first stock inspectors the culture of the organisation has been one of practical and resourceful advice and assistance. They have been highly motivated, self-reliant and helpful to stock owners. They were of necessity good communicators and great ambassadors for the veterinary professionals who supported and backed up the local and practical knowledge of stock inspectors.

Over the years almost every stock owner, bullock driver, cameleer, horse owner and livestock producer have known their local Department of Agriculture Stock Inspector. More recently the influence of the stock inspector has had a wider and equally positive influence within the livestock transport, selling, live export and welfare spheres. Most livestock owners and handlers have had dealings with stock inspectors.

For many years the government stock inspector and veterinary officer were both integral and vital components in a safe and successful livestock industry in Western Australia.

In short, stock inspectors have been a unique group of public servants whose contribution to protection of the livestock industry, increased production and market access has been immeasurable since they commenced operation in Western Australia in 1867.

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