incident_afghanThe Incident at Afghan Rocks

edited by P.J. Bridge, J. Crocker, S. Gullefer, I. Murray and G. Dreezens

ISBN 978-0-85905-437-9, (2008new), A4, Soft Cover, 51pp, illustrated, 170grams

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On the 13 August 1894, a large contingent of camels belonging to Gunny Khan & Co arrived at Windanyer, now known as Afghan Rocks, near Israelite Bay in Western Australia. The caravan of 108 camels and 17 Afghans, led by Patrick Green, a well-known camel authority in NSW and SA, had left Bourke, NSW on the 26 June.

There was a conflict over the way the water was being used by the Afghans, leaving one of them dead and the other injured.

This booklet is an attempt to give all the recorded information on the ‘Incident at Afghan Rocks’, as it is now known, to both give a picture of the times, and to enable the reader to acquire knowledge without the PC baggage that inevitably accompanies any paraphrasing of stories of ‘multicultural’ incidents. Please note that the orthography and mis-spelling of the documents of the day have been carefully followed. Place names and personal names were not always spelt correctly.