into_west_cover2Into The West

edited by Chris Holyday

ISBN 0 86778 363 6, (2005 new), Soft Cover, A4, 158pp, illustrated, 440grams

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The Western Australian goldrushes of the 1890’s witnessed the first major encounter between Australians West and East. Henry Lawson led the charge of writers who came West. This book showcases those writers and some of their works in what was a little known period of great literary activity which would prove significant for both Western Australia and Australia.

Generously illustrated and featuring stories and verse by Henry Lawson, Joseph Furphy, Albert Facey, Andree Hayward (Viator), George Hope (Bungarra), EG Murphy (Dryblower), JP Bourke (Bluebush), TH Wilson (Crosscut), FW Ophel (Prospect Good), Ben Strange, LB Jupp and JK Ewers. In addition to works by these writers, a number of short stories have been included by anonymous Western Australian based writers - there are 21 short stories/sketches in all and over 35 poems included in this collection. Mainly chosen for their spark of humour and irony, their appeal remains timeless. Many stories appear for the first time in book form, having been rescued from newspapers and periodicals of the times.

The book provides a rare insight into our Western Australian literary development and celebrates our pioneering writers in the 40 years from Goldrushes to Great Depression.