mountain_view_goldMountain View Gold - Day Dawn

The Italians who made it Happen

by Alex Palmer

ISBN 978-0-85905-514-7, (2012N), illust., 125pp, 240g'

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A new day dawned for Day Dawn WA, following a rich strike at Mountain View.

A group of Italian prospectors at Day Dawn in the 1940s, down to their uppers, defying the advice of experts, persevered for four years before they finally struck it rich.

1945-47 they worked in conditions that would not be tolerated today and brought to the surface 4,845 ton of 5.25oz/ ton ore, valued at £273,300. (Today's value $ 42,000,000).

Their bonanza supported the old saying; "Gold is where you find it". Their workings were only a matter of metres from where the Great Fingall Mine, a quarter of a century earlier, had abandoned its search.