old_coach_roadsThe Old Coach Roads to Cue and Beyond

by Alex Palmer

ISBN 0 85905 183 8, (1993 new), Soft Cover, 103pp, illustrated, 175grams

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These timeless tracks to goldfields hundreds of kilometres inland from Geraldton, started by the sheepmen, scored with the footprints of man and animal, deepened by the wheels of wagon and coach and then made redundant by the rail, linger on as monuments to the stout-hearted folk who travelled them in the golden years of the roaring nineties.

Alex Palmer relates the story of these tracks to the Murchison Goldfields and the people who lived at the wayside coach stations.


Alex Palmer's attachment to the Outback began as a teenager when visiting Bamboo Springs in 1945. However, not until the early 1970s did he appreciate that much of Western Australia's history was beig lost.  While still employed as an industrial chemist he began research into the Yalgoo/Murchison Region and his first book Fields Gold was published in 1981.  Since then four others have followed.