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suicide_coverSuicides and Settlers

Their place in 19th Century West Australian social history

by Claire McIntyre

ISBN 978-0-85905-446-1, (2008 New), 223pp, Soft Cover, illustrated, 295grams

$30.00. + POST

This book is a social history of 19th Century Western Australia told through the 315 suicides recorded here from the towns of the Swan settlement, Fremantle, Perth and Guildford. They also reach from the Kimberley to Esperance and the distant deserts. Many of the founders of this vast colony are recognised and honoured for their ability to overcome the extreme hardships they endured and their foresight to develop the potential wealth they imagined. Those who are seldom remembered or acknowledged are the pioneers who committed suicide, often without issue to carry on their names. Their contributions also helped to build the States foundations.

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The Fred and Elsie Colson story

by Alb Colson

ISBN 0 85905 426 8, (wrongly numbered 428 8), (2007 new), A4, Soft Cover, 87pp, 275grams

$25.00* + POST

The story of the NT pioneer family who arrived in 1927 to work on the Oodnadatta to Alice railway. Carting, mining, the Lasseter expedition, searching for lost airmen, purchase of Aileron Station in 1934, WWII contracting. Fred and Elsie became some of the best known of the Centralian personalities.