The Western Australian Explorations of John Septimus Roe 1829-1849

edited by Marion Hercock

ISBN 978-0-85905-527-7, (2014, New), Casebound, dj, 160x240, Illustrated, 726 pp, 1.9kg

$100.00* + POST

The long awaited complete collection of Surveyor General Roe’s expeditions from the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project. Contains appendices on the plants, animals, and navigation. Fully indexed.

Roe has been called the ‘father of modern explorers’ in Australia and this volume and the introduction fully supports that title.

The generosity of the sponsors has enabled Hesperian and the WAEDP to sell this volume at a significantly lower price than usual for a volume of this size and relatively small circulation.  Some of our faithful customers may not be aware that Hesperian is not in receipt of any ‘Arts’ largesse, unlike hawkers of other WA books purporting to be serious literature.  Part of the price reduction of this volume is derived from the decision to produce a far smaller number of copies than for our previous exploration volumes. With this in mind it is recommended that the interested reader does not long delay any decision to purchase.