A-short-walk-in-paradiseA Short Walk in Paradise

by Peter W. Board

ISBN 978-0-85905-748-6, (R, 2019), A5, 165 pages, illustrated, soft cover, 225 grams, $30.00* + POST

Peter Board was a British sailor, born in Devonshire, who joined the Royal Navy at 16 and served on HMS Newcastle and HMS Consort. With his mate Ron Palmer they jumped ship after the Montebello nuclear tests. Peter headed for country WA and after some adventures ended up at Dwellingup. He describes bush town life and its people and working on the bush railways of the forest area. Eventually the RN found the pair and it was back to swabbing decks. He returned to Australia in 1972 and worked in the Pilbara. Here he took up diving, metal detecting, boating, and expeditions with the WA Museum archaeologists around the islands. Retiring from Hamersley Iron in 1987 he married again and retired to the hills, surrounded by his collections and library.