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touch me not cvrTouch Me Not

by Pat Studdy-Clift

ISBN 978-0-85905-654-0, (New, 2017), A4, 86 pages, well illustrated, 255 grams.

$30.00* + POST

This is an historical novel, based on fact and brimful of the adventures, trials and triumphs of one pioneering family – the Gadens. In 1923 with two small babies, aboard the lugger "Chantress", their adventurous father and his brave-hearted wife headed into the uncivilised part of Australia now known as Kakadu National Park, only to find themselves living in "bough sheds" at the mercy of tropical cyclones, buffalo bulls, fierce snakes and primeval crocodiles, to mention a few of their hazards.  Add to this a daughter Madge, who was not only a gifted pianist, but also a "darling".  She touched the hearts of many, world-wide, when leprosy struck both her and her father.  Top this with the inferno of World War Two as Madge, the mixed-race patients and their carers on Channel Island in Darwin Harbour faced the bombing of Darwin.  History leads us through a record of man's inhumanity, but also man's humanity to man.

WA Lonely Graves VolumeWestern Australian Lonely Graves

Yvonne and Kevin Coate

ISBN 978-0-85905-682-3, A4, 1284 pages, 4 volumes, soft cover,  3.5 kg

$325.00* + POST

These magnificent volumes are the result of nearly 40 years research by Yvonne and Kevin Coate and their associates, and contain details of thousands of lonely or lost graves throughout Western Australia.

The information is from local and state histories and newspapers, police reports, correspondents, coroner's files, and government papers.

Books of this calibre are rare, as is the capacity for researchers to produce such volumes of useful data.

The volumes are also an important bibliography of bush history from the earliest colonial times to the near present.

There is nothing like this in any other state and probably not in any other country.

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xantho_cvrXantho and the Broadhursts

M. McCarthy

ISBN 978-0-85905-676-2, (New, 2017), 129 pages, A4, Illustrated, 400 grams

$30.00* + POST

From steamships to suffragettes: In attempting to understand the strange wreck of Western Australia's first colonial steamship SS Xantho, maritime archaeologist M. (Mac) McCarthy needed to get into the mind of its owner and operator Charles Broadhurst. Reviled and dismissed by his peers and most historians, Broadhurst was found to be Western Australia's first and foremost colonial entrepreneur, fore-runner to the famous, and in some cases equally controversial, Claude de Bernales, Laurie Connell, Alan Bond and Robert Holmes à Court.

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yelma_station_cvrThe Yelma Station diary of Arthur C. Ashwin for 1928

Arthur C. Ashwin

ISBN 978-0-85905-663-2, (New, 2017),   40 pages,, A4,   120 grams

$22.00* + POST