Among Wild Animals and People in Australia

by Eric Mjoberg, translated by Margareta Luotsinen and Kim Akerman.

ISBN 978-0-85905-507-9, (New 2012), Casebound, dj, illustrated, 362pp, 1.1 kg,

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From October 1910 to August 1911 biologist Erik Mjoberg and his seven man Swedish team travelled by bullock wagon through the West Kimberley collecting invertebrates, birds, mammals, and ethnographic research material.

Their ten month journey took them from Derby, along the Fitzroy River upstream to Mount Anderson Station. Some members then went on to Noonkanbah, the St George Ranges and Fitzroy Crossing, while others went south to Mowla Bluff. After the return to Derby two members went to Sunday Island and then followed the stock route across the Leopold Ranges to Mount Barnett. Extensive collections were also made around Derby and Meda Station. Finally the expedition re-convened in Broome where side trips included a coastal trip by pearling lugger collecting marine specimens and another trip to Beagle Bay, collecting birds.

Eric Mjöberg’s idiosyncratic text remained in the Swedish language until this long-awaited English translation.

Now, for the first time, this unique perspective on biota and people is brought to a new generation of readers with an interest in Kimberley history and geography.

This is the ninth volume of our Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project series.