Ian Murray 

Ian-MurraycvrIan was a long-time supporter of the programmes of Hesperian. His special interest was in nomenclature and his books on place names and ghost towns in WA are the standards on those subjects.

When a teenager he was well looked upon by then WA Museum director, Ludwig Glauert, for his role in natural history collecting. He joined the Army and served in the Korean War in Japan.

While in Perth he worked for a jeweller and observed many of the characters of the city. A collection of his observations are in preparation for publishing. Later he ran K9 Security and his tales of the track when keeping control of unruly customers of the Ladies of the Night were most amusing.

His extensive bush travels with a keen eye produced many stories. A further volume on lost goldfields settlements is in preparation for publication. He received an OAM for extensive services to local history. Earlier his wife, Anne, had also been recognised for her social work.

He was a very regular visitor to the castle for chats on current projects. There were few like him and his loss is the passing of an era.

He died on 29 May 2023. He was 93. His biography will be published for the entertainment of old friends. 

David John James

David John James, English Australian rock climber and caver died at Rockingham Hospital on 27 October 2023.

Dave was born at Guildford, UK on the 20 November 1942.

Few here in WA had his wide experience. He kept meticulous records of climbing and caving. A remarkably patient and helpful person, nothing was too much to ask of him. And he was that rare man that one could trust one’s life with.

We published his Climb When Ready in 1996, a history of rock climbing in WA.

Unfortunately, when he started to write on the history of caving in WA there were pretentious cliques with loud mouths and little consideration of his generous efforts who immediately attacked, and despite the goodwill of Dave the project had to be abandoned.

In the early days of my caving I learnt that “Committees of twenty deliberate plenty. Committees of ten act now and then. But most of the work is done by Committees of One.”

These guidelines set the stage for my scientific career, and later my prospecting business and publishing. “Blessed is he who expects little, for he shall not be disappointed.”

I do not believe in democracy among the plebians. They are destroyers at heart and one will be cannibalised alive if they are given the chance. Never give them any opportunity to interfere.

Hopefully Dave’s extensive records will be safely preserved by his good wife of 22 years, Choosri Chanbanpot. Our condolences are with her.

From the cover of Climb When Ready.