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Jean-Paul Turcaud, 

one of our most adventurous prospectors has joined 

the immortals of the Prospectors Hall of Fame.

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Norma Duro. Direct descendant of the first British settler in WA.

Norma DURO (nee Sydney), born Carlisle WA, Nov 1925, died Lindisfarne, Tasmania, July 2020.

Her Mother Elizabeth, was a YOUD from Albany-Collie; Her Father Arthur, was a SYDNEY from Guildford-Swan.

Her Husband, John Duro, was from a Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK family, settled in West Perth.

Norma & John moved to Hobart post WWII and brought up their family of five (Yvonne, Jennifer, Stephen, Susan, Lynne).

Norma's only sibling, elder sister Joyce Bridge (nee Sydney), stayed in Carlisle-Vic Park with a family of four and died Aug 2013.

Norma & Joyce were direct descendants via their Father, of WA Convict George Sidney/Sydney (1866) and NSW-WA convict William Thacker (1824).

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