Bill McGrath.

Another of the old time bookseller-publishers gone.

Old Bill is missed for his cheery and very informative updates on the Pacific.

There were few enough to begin with and we can ill afford the loss of any when they are the embodiment of the living books of Fahrenheit 451.

Where are the replacements? Uncouth, near illiterate, ebay 'dealers' are not booksellers, merely scavengers on the corpse of the Western Canon.

When the greatest stench arises from the destructive faecal expulsion called Amazon, what can one expect from those merely trading on the far edge of civilisation.

Bezos, being a male of indeterminate origin, we could, perhaps, do the world a favour, by excising the morphic equivalent of the Amazon breast. But did the sod breed already?

Much the same sentiments can be expressed towards the central Libraries run by leprotically political creatures whose mental vacuums far exceed their capabilities of curating the books of our culture.

I think I will go and write another book.