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The shop will be closed for Australia Day 26th of January. 

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Australia Day Specials. Exceptional value.

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Military 1

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

Lucky Ross

Trenches in the Sky

Anzac Squadron

Sailors in Slouch Hats

Iron in the Fire

Military 2

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

All Men Back

Sailor and Commando

Fighting for Life

Borneo Surgeon

All in My Stride

Northern Territory 1

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

Digging Squatting & Pioneering Life

The Magic Snake

10000 Hours

Tragedy Track

To the Savage Land

Northern Territory 2

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

In Australian Tropics

Adventures of a Trepang Fisher

A Dead Mans Dream

Willshire of the Alice.

Darwin Dilemmas


3 big volumes, the soft cover edition. $100 plus Postage $

The Queensland Aborigines

Aboriginals in WA 1

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

Winjans People

Aboriginal Perth

On the Aborigines of Australia - Oldfield (soft cover)

Young Soldier from the Goldfields

Steadfast Endeavour

Aboriginals in WA 2

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

Pilbara Bushman

Triumphs and Tragedies

Australian Aboriginal String Figures

Wongi wongi

Landlords of the Iron Shore

Goldfields 1

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

Travels in Western Australia

Where Fortunes Lay


On Gold

White Feather

Goldfields 2

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

And Some Found Graves

Gold Getting Days

Wealth and Wildcats

Scarlett Stain

Odyssey of a Digger

Colonial WA

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

Eager for Labour

Western Pioners

The Waldeck Story

Catalpa Expedition

Where there's Smoke There's Fry

The Bush

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

The Beckoning West

Scarlett Pillows

Perched on the Rails

Whaleback Tales

Wheel Tracks

Mixed Bag 1

5 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

Padre Plod

Unbroken Spirit

Suicides and Settlers

Then they called Norma

The Misfortunes of Phoebe

Mixed Bag 2

6 books for $50, plus postage of $14.50

Climb when Ready

The Westminster Tradition

Wooden Butterflys

The Family Farm

Camp Fire Sketches