Gift of $10,000 worth of Hesperian titles to the WA prison system.

We have given some 15 copies each of 24 titles that are still current books but of which we are overstocked. We need the space. Hopefully some of the prisoners will appreciate good books as a relief from the mind rotting TV. We even gave an extra set for the staff so they do not have to pinch the prisoner’s copies.


When you visit the shop you can choose from the 'free book shelf'. Mail order - we will try to add in a free book if it does not increase the postage.

The perfect gift.

Eric Linklater wrote, in A Year of Space (1953):- Of all the minor gifts, books are the most agreeable, and in the fashion and restriction of our times only minor gifts can be made. There is no one left who will present a parting guest with a cheque for £1000, an elephant, an ocean-going yacht, or a pair of dancing girls; and in the habit and narrower circumstance of this age, such gifts (or most of them) would be embarrassing. But how welcome is a book, for given books read doubly well.

It is important that we get support for our books from our readers. Hesperian does not get taxpayer funding.

Many millions of dollars have been mis-spent on unreadable novels and plainly irrelevant and obnoxious propaganda.

There is no other publisher like us in Australia concentrating on REAL Australian history and people.

Hesperian books will stand the test of time.

But if we do not get buyer support we may not be around too long after our forthcoming 50 years anniversary.  


Judith Drake Brockman

Judith was one of our favourite authors, her book being Wongi Wongi which we published in 2001. This is an important personal memoir that used her own life and background as well as access to then ‘secret’ files to counteract insidious and poisonous anti-white-Australian propaganda that was highly promoted and inflicted upon a generation or so of schoolchildren, through the efforts of communists in a State and Federal government funded publisher and by ‘profits are everything’ corporations.

While her book was vilified by the usual suspects it was reviewed in several sensible journals and used by critical thinkers to awaken the public as to their deception.

Unfortunately codswallop and just plain lies have become the standard of much of the captive media and maggot ridden organisations of all stripes.

Born in 1920, Judith was a record breaking swimmer competing nationally and internationally. But her life story is well told in Wongi Wongi.

For some years Judith had been living in Paddington, Sydney and with her daughter Ashley. She died in late August 2019, so at the age of 99.



Hal Colebatch

Hal was an old friend. We first met in the mid-1950s at the Saturday meetings of the WA Naturalists Club held in the basement of the old Perth Museum. We were both ‘loners’ and the calls we followed were not those that most others heard.

In the early 1960s he came caving with WASG at Augusta and never lost his fascination with the exploration of those unknown underground places.

He asked me to be his scrutineer when he stood for Parliament. A hard night’s work.

In 1996 we published his biography of Claude De Bernales, The Magnificent Miner. It is still in print.

A slightly ‘amusing’ story attached to this was the result of arranging by telephone with the personnel of the eponymously named Hannan Street bar for a book launch. Well, we arrived per the Prospector, took a room at a local motel and fronted up to the bar. No one knew anything. It was a disaster. I think we got an interview with a local radio station and maybe with the Kalgoorlie Miner. I never did find out who had set us up, or why. But Hal got a good look around the dilapidated focus of old De Bernales’ fortunes.

I think Hal got badly burnt in a publishing venture set up by a local thieving bullsh artist, who also stripped me, and many others, of hard won funds. In fighting the oleaginous left sometimes it is those in your own ranks who are most likely to do a Brutus. Whether the blow is from left or right the result is the same.

I think this is where our different views were based. Hal appeared to be thinking above the strife of the mundus muckus whereas I had to fight in that dirt. Consequently my views are rather more non-PC.

In later years we lost contact but I did get a call from him only a month ago.

I hope that a complete bibliography of his large and varied literary output will be compiled and published.


Norm Manners

1932-2019. The author of Bullwinkel, one of our most popular books.

As is not unusual with many good books, the major publishers based in the multicult hellholes of Melbourne and Sydney, knocked it back. We were happy to publish, both for a hardworking author and an illustrious Australian.

Norm and his good mate, detective Max Baker, had many meetings with us going through the text. The book was launched by the Governor to some acclamation which was only marred by the publication in the local rag of a vicious review organised by their embedded trotskyite termite.

Unfortunately for us Westralians, we have to put up with many of that ilk in our mess media. But what goes round…

We will miss the cheery Norm at our soon forthcoming 50th anniversary.