All Hesperian Press books are prepared, printed and published in Perth

Many years ago, due to the stranglehold that certain local companies had on the industry, we printed in Singapore, but those days are long past. 

We do not subscribe to printing in mainland China, a degenerate habit of several of our “reptile contemporaries,” as the old goldfield’s papers termed other “rags”.  

It appears that the more taxpayer funds that are received by these PC groups, the quicker they send the dollars offshore. The use of overseas slave labour does not appear to result in the lowering of local prices, or to substantially increase the viability of said groups. CCP cannibalistic murder for thought crimes, where the prisoner's organs are sold to local and foreign scum for transplants, makes accessories after the fact all who trade with China, in some of the worst mass murders of this century.

Just because we are anti-China does not mean we support the USSA-UK, which are actually far worse, not the least because they should know better. If you do not understand by now who the real enemy is (vide Pogo) then it is time you did the world a favour. There is little doubt that the Earth has never seen a greater degeneracy than that exhibited by the USA-UK 1% and their satanic incubus. It has been hard work to descend to that level, and it's a 'one way' street.

Localisation, not globalisation.

We believe that one must support the nation that breeds you and feeds you, both physically and spiritually. Exporting our jobs is like exporting our raw minerals, it only benefits a comprador class of parasites.