Dollypot, Greenhide and Spindrift:

a journal of bush history

Vol 4. No. 5

The Afghan Problem revisited.

10 May 2017

The writing of the Foreword of The Afghan Problem in 2008 raised some eyebrows. Eleven years on my observations are well proven, if not yet accepted by the brain damaged population, inundated 24 hours a day with the propaganda and lies of the mass media and government maggot muppets. 

Weaponised Islamic fundamentalism invented and deployed by Anglo-American & Israeli controllers has been transferred to the West which is the ultimate target of control by the demonic financial forces of London, Wall Street & Tel Aviv.

As with the depredations of the drug trade, such destructive actions by a nebulous enemy are difficult to pin down to real organisations, precisely because they are ‘fronts’ run by our own ‘controllers.’ Our ‘masters’ are our real enemies.

Transient, interchangeable gangs, as set out in the classic Gangs and Countergangs, refined in the Mau Mau rebellion, are now deployed in the control of Western populations. As the realisation creeps in that the Greater Depression is here to stay, that the real enemy is the Ponzi financial system and its owners which is in complete collapse mode, that the dawning that WWIII may be very close, and that our democratic governments are actually ‘demon cats,’ utterly satanic and aiming at nothing less than the extinction of all sentient mammals of the earth, and the destruction of that. If that does not fit the definition of insane then nothing does. We are to be a sacrifice to their demon-god.

As a teaser on the subject of nuclear terrorism, blamed on Islamic fundamentalists, the fact is that since the 1980s well over 200 small nuclear devices, aka car-bombs, and some not so mobile, have been detonated world-wide generally with a great loss of life. This is nuclear diplomacy. Nations which do not take a hint get ringbarked.

The signature isotopes released from these explosions indicate that they are derived from reactors in the ultimate homelands of terrorism, the USA, Israel, and the UK.

Try Oklahoma City, Bali, Djakarta, New York, London, Lebanon, Iraq, China, Japan, Russia, and many other victim locations. Several strategically placed items would solve such problems for many years.


Foreword to The Afghan Problem, 2008.

In the last twenty years there has been a rash of books on “Afghans” in Australia. Most are marked by a combined reluctance of the authors to do extensive documented research, and a fawning approach to the subject matter. That most are written by those influenced by the mental degeneracy that started spreading through academia in the 1960s, gives some idea of the origins of the psycho-histories by which we are now epidemically infected.

The term “Afghan” is of course broadly generic, rather than specific. It covers a wide range of southern ‘Asiatics’ from places as widespread as Algeria, Syria, Afghanistan, and India. Their religion, though primarily Moslem, was as diverse as their origins.

Gus Luck, one of the earliest European cameleers quotes Ossman, a leading camel man, in his autobiography, The Outback Trail. “White men think because some men got dark skin him camel man. My men, one was a hawker in India, another was coby [dhobi, a washerman] in Calcutta, another did something else. They not understand camels.”

The problems of deliberate pollution of critical water supplies, monopolisation of watering points to exclude white teamsters, undercutting of living wage transport rates, minimal cooperation with the ‘infidels’, and other problems are detailed in this text.

Countering this were the importance of the vast transport structures built up by Tagh and Faiz Mahomet which kept costs down in the face of the profiteering of the likes of I. J. K. Cohn.

However it will be seen in this collection that this turbulent and erratic group was marked by dissension, murder, contempt of the host peoples, and a general lawlessness.

The ‘Afghan problem’ of a century ago was resolved by a combination of factors:–


  • The rising nationalism of Anglo-Irish Australians.
  • The restriction of alien immigration that threatened the hard fought freedoms that made Australia the envy of the world, to the extent that our freedoms influenced the 1905 revolution in Russia.

  • The end of the gold rushes.

  • Introduction of modern transport.

  • Public realisation of the irreconcilable differences between an aggressive anti-Christian minority and our society.

  • World War I and the fight against the Turks, in which Allied POWs were treated at a similar level to the later Japanese barbarity.


                                “The Stranger within my gate, He may be true or kind,

                                 But he does not talk my talk

                                 I cannot feel his mind.......


                                 Let the corn be all one sheaf –

                                 And the grapes be all one vine,

                                 Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge

                                  By bitter bread and wine.”



Now those hard-taught lessons have been forgotten, and we have to learn again, the hard way, that empires and multiculturalism are the enemies of a stable developing culture and its people. This empire is not one run by bad or misguided men of our own blood, but by vampires whose interests are only in their dane-geld and the demonic power that they wield.

The subtle weapons of propaganda and bribery are not understood. Those who resist are defamed by terms such as ‘racist,’ in public campaigns carried out by the alien controlled mass media and their myrmidons, the presstitutes. The public must remember that ‘sticks and stones,’ (which it has now increasingly come to) but ‘names will never hurt me,’ and educate themselves through the study of real history, rather than accepting rosy palliatives or abuse from the manipulators. Read Ezra Pound, et al.


Inevitably, the interests of Empire, aka globalism, and its acolytes, clash with that of economic nationalism. There are those who view all those below them in social status, or not of a self-chosen sect, as not more than slaves, whether they are black, white, yellow, or brindle, and want total control and slave labour wherever their tentacles grasp. This elitist monetarist view is intimately associated with war and conquest, slavery, free trade, economic looting, cultural degeneration, malthusianism, eugenics, zionism, and general parasitism. This is the East India Company back as a zombie death curse upon all the world.


“If pain, like fire, gave off smoke, the world would be shrouded in eternal darkness.”

                                                                                                                                          Abu T-Hasan Shahid.


The problem in the dumbed-down society of the West is that few people understand or realize the incestuous intricacies of this system, and support one or more of its many pillars without understanding the consequences of their ignorance.

In this Dantean pit individuals and groups both serve and conflict with the interests of international finance and with each other. Knowledge of what each group represents is essential for the survival of each, and to the defeat of the financial overlords. Despite the anti-Moslem propaganda spewed out daily by the mainstream press, the teachings of the Koran are in many cases complementary to that of the New Testament. It is an early heresy that has developed its own life. However the best propaganda is the half- lies. The hidden teachings of the third party are the odd-man. It is prohibited by law in Australia to expand on this and the literate reader will, no doubt, realise that sometimes the greatest revelations are, as in classical music, between the notes. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, with limitations. Distance makes the heart….

The modern world is the fight between national development in the interests of a nation’s people, and the looting of the financier networks. Privatisation of our national assets is piratisation. Free trade is not fair trade.

This applies to all nations. The freedom of all countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine included. While many of the brainwashed will demur, the corollary of freedom and independence – national development and fair trade – of these nations, is that the attractions of emigration will disappear. While the predators rule this will not happen. The conclusion is obvious.

Precisely the characteristics that make these people undesirable in a primarily Christian society, are those that make them a heroic people in the eyes of all those committed to the demise of globalism and its masters. They are, paradoxically, in their own countries, our first line of defence, while here they are an ever increasing fifth column. The Thermopylae of the 21st Century stretches from the Balkans to the Khyber Pass through societies that are dangerous, dysfunctional and degenerate, but what happens here defines our future as free nations. None loved the Spartans, but they held to the death, and saved the future West, as did the national socialists against the red beast in the 1940s. Another paradox, the Empire, built on Greek thought, has been debased by followers of a death cult founded in ancient Babylon, while the descendants of the dominions of Darius are now the embattled defenders of that national sovereignity so prized by the Greeks.

The rise of Islamic fundamentalism as a political force is a derivative of London’s intelligence operations for the last two centuries. Examine carefully the role of the older Muslim Brotherhood and the Young Turks, and a later front, Al Qaeda. Primarily it was aimed at the destabilization of those nations where there were commercial or strategic interests of the City of London and its associates. As an example: – Karl Marx, deluded cultural flotsam, plagiarist, hack writer and pedophile, was controlled by Urquhart of the British Museum, whose earlier career was that of a Moslem chieftain in the Caucasus, baiting the Russian Bear. The results of this became evident in the Crimean War and in the financing of Lenin and Trotsky et al from the banks of London and New York. At least Berlin had a strategic reason for accommodating Lenin.

London, inheritor of Venetian duplicity and degeneracy, has done to itself and the West, what Venice was planning – the sale of Europe into slavery by the Mongols/Islam.

Interesting, and revealing, is that while the Taliban fundamentalists destroyed the worlds largest opium crops when they came to power, the invasion by US-NATO forces to implement the new oil pipeline from the central Asian republics, has led to immense crops harvested and exported via the British Government supported ‘alliance’ and distributed by the Kosovo Liberation Front (the Albanian mafia) and the current NATO backed leaders of Kosovo, among others. This is identical to the Vietnam era SE Asian drug crops used by CIA operations for off-the-books operations elsewhere, including Australia. All attempts to eradicate the Afghan crops have failed due to British Government intervention. Nothing has changed in over 200 years.


Radical groups, financed by criminal operations controlled by the West, are used against all who do not pay total obeisance to the financial powers. Before 11 September 2001, the greatest concentration of Islamic terrorists was based in London, where they were protected by the British Government, and deployed on terrorist attacks in the Middle East. By that time they had served their purpose and were ready to be sacrificed as patsys for the real terrorists in that immense cabbalistic false flag operation run by the ‘invisible hand.’ Previously where chameleon operatives were to be deployed, they were left wing fronts, such as the Red Brigades, and Operation Gladio run by NATO.

Australia has not been immune. Port Arthur and Bali were also false flag operations to control the perceptions of Australians. Nothing focuses the mind like having ones crutch in a crush.

In this shadow world nothing is as it seems. As the poet of Naishapur said,


                   “For in and out, above, about, below,

                   ‘tis nothing but a magic shadow-show,

                   play’d in a box whose candle is the sun,

                   round which we phantom figures come and go.”


My touchstone in dealing with the mainstream media is ‘The more bull dust there is, the more it is bull dust.’ Anyone who believes that ‘the Arabs did it,’ is not only by definition clinically insane, suffering from extreme cognitive dissonance, but willfully ignorant, and immoral. In this irrationally psychopathic world, it is time for the curtains to be rent and the puppeteers exposed. Our lives and that of the Earth depend on the Truth.


P. J. Bridge, 25 August 2008.