Aboriginal Studies Series

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Series No.

          1.       Winjans People by J.E. Hammond

          2.       The Queensland Aborigines, Volume  1 by W. E. Roth

          3.       The Queensland Aborigines, Volume 2 by W. E. Roth

          4.       The Queensland Aborigines, Volume 3 by W. E. Roth

          5.       Pilbara Bushman by Graham J. Wilson

          6.       Aboriginal Perth by Daisy Bates

          7.       The Cold-Footed Mob

          8.       Steadfast Endeavour by Graham Wilson

          9.       The Challenge & the Chance by S.K. Forrest

          10.     Body and Soul- an Aboriginal View by A.R. Piele

          11.     Man from Arltunga by R.G. Kimber

          12.     Willshire of Alice Springs by A. Stapleton

          13.     The Young Soldier from the Goldfields by Roma Wood

          14.     Northern Patrol by R.A. Pilmer

          15.     They Called Me Tjampu-Tjilpi by Bob Verburgt

          16.     Knights of the Boomerang by Herbert Basedow

          17      Stone Age Bushmen of Today by J.R.B. Love - (NYP)

          18.     The Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist by Helen Hack

          19.     wongi wongi by Judith Drake-Brockman

          20.     Black and white and in between by Peter Gifford

          21.     My Natives and I by Daisy Bates

          22      Bush Kids and Bartoo by Mildred Gordon

          23.     On the Aborigines of Australia by A. Oldfield

          24.     Aboriginal Australian String Figures by D.S. Davidson

          25.     Yammatji by Bryan Clark


Aboriginal Studies Series. list 2 

These books have either total Aboriginal content, substantial Aboriginal content, or contain Aboriginal material of interest.
The practice of numbering the series in the publications has been discontinued but the listing has been continued with a convenience number in [  ].

[25]      A Voyage of no Importance by R Dickson (2003)

[26]      Cardonia by Bruce Leake (2004)

[27]      The West Pilbara by Doug Gordon (2004, 2008)

[28]      I’ve had a good life – Phil’s Story by George Aitchison (2006)

[29]      Aboriginal corporations, communities and out-stations by Ian Murray (2006)

[30]      Memoirs of a Spanish Missionary Monk by Seraphim Sanz.. (2006) 

[31]      Metamorphosis of a Race by Seraphim Sanz & D. Djinnmora (2006)

[32]      The Bushman’s Directory by E I Sharp and EMW Taylor (2007)

[33]      Black & White – best together. Don & Meg Shedley (2007)

[34]      The Mt Minnie Mystery & A Midnight Melee ed by PJ Bridge & G Dreezens (2008)

[35]      White blacks and black whites ed by PJ Bridge, A Teague, G Dreezens (2008)

[36]      Evidences of an Inland Sea by GF Moore (2008)

[37]      Born in the Desert by M Hancock & G Brown (2009)

[38]      Narrative of an Exped. of Explor.in NW Australia by Herbert Basedow (2009)

[39]      Sand & Stone – Foreign Footprints by Kevin Moran (2009)

[40]      Wadjelas by Adrian Day (2010)

[41]      Canning Stock Route Royal Commission ed by Phil Bianchi et al (2010)

[42]      Stitching the Stock Route – Eileen Lanagan & the CSR ed by P Bianci et al (2010)

[43]      Pearling Days by John Brockman (2010)

[44]      Little Boy Lost ed by PJ Bridge (2010)

[45]      Pigeon by WC Charnley (2010)

[46]      Major the Outlaw by WC Charnley (2010)

[47]      What Happened at Braeside by WC Charnley (2010)

[48]      The McGuire Tragedy by WC Charnley (2010)

[49]      Travels in the Land of Gold and Cannibals by M Scott (2010)

[50]      Golden Land of Silence by AO Neville (2010)

[51]      Sand and Stone – Cattle & Conflict by K Moran (2010) 

[52]      Sand and Stone – Pigeon by K Moran (2011) 

[53]      Savagery on the Swan River Settlement (2010)

[54]      The dying land of the North West – H Petri (2011)

[55]      Triumphs and tragedies – N. Green (2011) 

[56]      Laying the bait – The Dog Stiffener (2011)

[57]      The Great Unknown & Away Back – L.O. Dowker (2011)

[58]      Police and other People – M. Liddelow (2011)

[59]      Kimberley was God's by Harold S. Godbehear (2011)

[60]      Aboriginal Ethnographica – D.S. Davidson (2011)

[61]      Pioneering in the Kimberleys – Hamlet Cornish (2011)

[62]      Aborigines of the King George Sound Region 1836-1838. K. Macintyre and B. Dobson. (2011)

[63]      The Overlanders - crossing the Nullarbor 1870s - 1970s. PJ Bridge & I Murray. (2011)

[64]      Fighting the Kimberley – The 3 Australian Corps Kimberley Guerilla Warfare Group, 1942-1943 by Peter J Bridge (2012)

[65]      Dry River by Rachel Percy as told by Dave Mills with a foreword by Randolph Stow (2012)

[66]      Some Ghosts - Some not  by Eloise Sharp (1979, 2012).

[67]      Itchy Feet. The life and travels of ‘Happy Bob’. by Bob Johnson (2012)

[68]      Camelman on the Canning   C. Heppingstone (2012)

[69]      Bigajie  K. Vickers & J. McMicking (2012)

[70]      Landlords of the Iron Shore  A.S. Durlacher (2013)

[71]      Mother O’Neill – Widow of the Kimberley Goldfield by Yvonne Coate (2012)

[72]      Travels and Adventures of Ben Bridge – Throughout Western Australia and Northern Territory by Ben Bridge (2013)

[73]      Among Wild Animals and People in Australia (Bland Vilda Djur och Folk i Australien) – Eric Mjöberg translated by Margareta Luotsinen and Kim Akerman (2012)

[74]      Bang-em-all. Bush life, and death, on the Gascoyne. Bangemall and the Thomas River Police Station by Peter J Bridge, with Gail Dreezens (2013)

[75]      Frank Hann’s Lolworth Diaries 1866-1875 - Transcribed and edited by Ian Elliot (2013)

[76]      Nor’West of West by James Thomson (2013)

[77]      There's Gold There by John Drayton (2013)

[78]      The Magic Snake by Billy Miller Linklater (2013)

[79]      In Hands of Providence by W. Peasley (2013)

[80]      Legend of Kimberley by J. Holman (2004-2013)

[81]      Longest Fence in the World by F.H. Broomhall (1999-2013)

[82]      Tales of the Overland by G.H. Lamond (1986-2013)

[81]      God before Gugeri by Michael Gugeri (2014)

[82]      Bill and Mary Mac by Jill Campbell (2014)

[83]      After Uneasy Atoms – Uranium camps on the Northern Australian Rivers, 1950-1960 by Hervey J. Newton (2014)

[84]      When Fortune Smiled and Other Tales of the Goldfields by John Drayton (2014)

[85]      New Gold in Old Country and other Great Finds of the Goldfields by John Drayton (2014)

[86]      Lieutenant Bunbury's Australian Sojourn edited by JMR Cameron and Phyllis Barnes (2014)

[87]      Gim! Gold stealing tales and trials of in the Golden West by Peter J Bridge (2014)

[88]      Sand and Stone. Pt 1. Colonists and Convicts. Pt 2. Pastoralists and Prospectors by Kevin Moran (2014)

[89]      Mungilli: Poor little Fella by Maureen Herbert (2014)

[90]      The Western Australian Explorationof John Septimus Roe 1829-1849 edited by Marion Hercock (2014)

[91]      Before Coolgardie I. Colonial mineral discoveries and mining, a listing to 17 September 1892 by Peter J Bridge

[92]      Before Coolgardie II. The Prospectors of the Yilgarn by Peter J Bridge

[93]      1942 Escape from the Rising Sun by Allen Metherell (2014)

[94]      The Last Outposts. From Port of Pearls to Desert Sands. A Flying Doctor in North Western Australia by William Peasley.

[95]      No Regrets - A Bicycle Dreaming from Belgium to Broome by Antoine Bloeman

[96]      Stout-Hearted - The story of Stephen Montague Stout by Irma Walter

[97]      Through Spinifex and Sand to the last desert family. by  W Peasley

[98]      Cologne to Kimberley ed Kim Akerman

[99]      The Australian Medicine Man by H Petri

[100]    Amongst Stone Age People in the Queensland Wilderness by Eric Mjoberg

[101]    Sketches from the South West by Louis Cox

[102]    Brumby Leake  by Peter J Bridge

[103]    Tommy Ningebong by Phil Bianchi

[104]    Close Calls in the Kimberley by Mick Driscoll

[105]    A New Zealand Gold Seeker's Adventure in Australia, 1886-1901. By J.W. Swift

[106]    Top Camp, Soldiers Secret and the Ashburton Gold Rush by Peter J Bridge

[107]    The Top of the Hill ed by PJ Bridge

[108]    Highways and Byways ed by PJ Bridge

[109]    The Way We Were ed by PJ Bridge

[110]    Separate Pathways by R Rolfe

[111]    Along the Coast – By ship Northwards edited by Peter J Bridge

[112]    Giles 1875 Expedition by Lesley Brooker

[113]    Jacky and Polly & Jimmy by P. J. Bridge

[114]    Goldfields without Chrysanthemums by Catherine Bond

[115]    Australian Aboriginal Tracking, Water Finding and Smoke Signalling by A.T. Magarey

[116]    The Dawning among the Aborigines of Central Australia by W. H. Willshire

[117]    History of Western Australia by W.B. Kimberly

[118]    Bat On! Chaps - The Bob Parker Story by Graham J. Brammer

[119]    Grien on Rougemont by Daily Chronicle, Phil May, Barry Pain

[120]    Kimberley Squadron - Norforce by Major Trevor Tough RFD (Retd)

[121]    A letter to Sue. On the subject of Historical Pollution. 'Greasy Bill' Beakem and William Clancy Little of Cape York Peninsula. by Jim McJannett

[122]    The Pirates of the Ethel by George Stacy, William Charnley, Peter J. Bridge

[123]    Wanjina by Kim Akerman

[124]    Convict Assignment in WA by Andrew Gill

[125]    Our Western Australian Home by George J. Webb

[126]    Disorderly Proceedings in the Park. Western Australian Football in Colonial Times by Steve Errington

[127]    In Savage Australia by Knut Dahl

[128]    I see something better soon. How a remote community was transformed through empowerment by Jim Heslop

[129]    Havens of Refuge by W. S. Davidson

[130]    The Drover’s Cook and other verses by Tom Quilty

[131]    And now... The Governor's Wife by Diane Pope and Jenny Davis

[132]    The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont by Himself

[133]    Kimberley Days and Yesterdays by C E Flinders 

[133]    Old Time Memories and Adventures by C E Gaunt

[134]    Paediatric Passport by Michael Gracey

[135]    The Cold-Footed Mob by Tom Good

[136]    Born to Command – not to take orders by John Simpson

[137]    Prisoners of the Past - compiled by Calliope Bridge, Celene Bridge, Angela Teague, Mark Chambers & Tom Hogarth

[138]    Touch Me Not by Pat Studdy-Clift

[139]    Photographs from the Frontier Kimberley 1910-1911 by the Swedish Scientific Expedition, Ed. Kim Akerman

[140]    The Yelma Station diary of Arthur C. Ashwin for 1928 by Arthur C. Ashwin

[141]    Xantho and the Broadhursts by M. McCarthy

[142]    Return to Majaddin A Kimberley Homecoming by Eddie Bear & Robert Hoskin

[143]    GWF THE LETTERS OF A NATIVE WELFARE OFFICER 1959-1961 Pilbara and Kimberley Edited By Nan Broad

[144]    Fred McGill: An Ambiguous Aboriginal. Ed. by Peter J. Bridge

[145]    The Australind Letters of Marshall Waller Clifton. Edited by JMR Cameron and PA Barnes

[146]    Western Australian Lonely Graves. Yvonne and Kevin Coate

[147]    The Boundary Rider’s Daughter by Evalene Wallbank

[148]    Jingemia by Peter J. Bridge

[149]    William Benstead 

[150]    To Wallal... and Back. The story of a Mullewa Drover. by Joan Ridley

[151]    George James Woodley. The prospector of the Murchison. Collated by Peter J. Bridge

[152]    William F. Rudall - Surveyor and Explorer. 

[153]    The State and Position of Western Australia by Captain Fredrick Chidley Irwin

[154]    The Musgrave Ranges