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Jack Otway - My Biography

by Jack Otway

ISBN 978-0-85905-447-5, (2009, New ), Soft Cover, 34pp, illustrated, grams, $25.00

Jack Otway is one of the last of the old breed of prospectors. He has led the hard life of the quintessential Australian bushman of yesteryear, but is not mired in the past. 

In 2009 at ninety five he was still on the go with mining projects, developing new talents and seeking new horizons, both in life and as a modern prospector.

jackie_polly_jimmy_cvrJacky and Polly, & Jimmy

by Peter J. Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-592-5, (New, 2014), A5, 16pages, illustrated, 40 grams

$10.00* + POST

The tale of Polly, drawn to the delights of civilisation and of the advantage of feminine wiles when devouring a damper. Also of Jacky who had to work for his. And ultimately, Jimmy, who paid the price for sticking his neck out in the wilds of the bush. A cautionary tale for the rest of the tribe. If you are a murderer who wants to remain free then make sure the colour of law matches yours.

jims_story_cvrJim’s Story

Reminiscences of a petroleum geologist

Jim Parry

ISBN 978-0-85905-726-4, (New, 2018), A4, 93pp, Illustrated, 270 grams

$30.00* + POST

Jim Parry joined WAPET in 1952 and was involved in all their oil exploration, including Rough Range. Later he worked in Libya, returning to work on Barrow Island. A good read for all the old rock choppers.


by Peter J. Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-754-7, (New, 2019), A4, 16 pages, illustrated, 80 grams, $22.00*

Jingemia, place of the jinghis, at Watheroo, is a large collapse doline in the Noondine Chert. The cave was mined for guano over a century ago.

It is now a National Park. This booklet covers all the reports and history of the cave.


John Blockley, Obituary

by Tony Cockbain

ISBN 978-0-85905-788-2, (2019), A5, 6 pages, $10.00*

john_dunn_coverJohn Dunn and the Wealth of Nations

by Peter Bridge, Ian Murray, Maureen Cause

ISBN 978-0-85905-061-6, (2010 new), A4, 64pp, 210grams

$22.00* + POST

In 1894 John Dunn discovered the Wealth of Nations Gold Mine at Dunnsville, NE of Coolgardie.

It’s richness stunned the world and prospectors and investors were attracted to this new area.

This collection details the history of the mine and that of the Dunn Brothers.

Joh_Morrell_cvrJohn Morrell

Northam and Beyond

by Michael J. Duggan

ISBN 978-0-85905-651-9, (new, 2016), A4, 534 pages, illustrated, indexed, French flap cover, 2.20 kg

$110.00* + POST

The history of the Northam Morrell family from England to Western Australia.

lefroy_coverThe Journal of Gerald De Courcy Lefroy 

edited and annotated by Bruce and Anne Buchanan

ISBN 978-0-85905-468-3, (2010), casebound, 361pp, 1kg

$80.00* + POST

This is probably the most readable of all the extant colonial journals. It covers the 1840s and early 1850s, with an outline of De Courcy’s life to the 1870s.

The Irish Lefroys and their English cousins were important figures in the colony.



The Journal of the Brockman Droving Expedition of 1874-75 to the North of Western Australia

Edited by Nan Broad with Peter Bridge

ISBN 0 85905 366 0, (2006 New), Hard Cover, Dust Jacket, 177pp, illustrated, 475 grams

$60.00* + POST

The story of one of the greatest early stock droves in Australia.

In 1874 John Brockman answered the call to assist the Clarkson droving party, stranded on the Murchison River in drought conditions.

Read more...

journal_of_the_calvert_expeThe Journal of the Calvert Scientific Exploring Expedition 1896-7

by L.A. Wells

ISBN 0 85905 184 6, (Facsimile 1993 reprint of 1902 edition), Soft Cover, quarto, 62pp, illustrated, map, 250grams

$30.00 + POST

The journal of the fateful expedition on which two men disappeared. Details of Larry Wells’ unsuccessful search for the men who where later found dead from thirst.

Elder_cvrJournal of the Elder Scientific Exploring Expedition 1891-1892

David Lindsay

Edited by Peter J. Bridge, Calliope Bridge and Celene Bridge.
(WAEDP series.)

ISBN 978-0-85905-658-8, (Reprint 1893 + New 2018), Casebound, section sewn, illustrated - b&w and colour, maps, indexed, 397 pages, 1.08 kg,

$105.00* + POST

With appendices on the plants by Alex George and animals by Ian Abbott, reported by the expedition. Also the full Anthropology report by Richard Helms which has not been available for over a century, which contains 6 colour plates and many b&w photos. Biographies of all the men.

This is a very small run which will ensure future scarcity.

journals_of_australian_explJournals of Australian Exploration 1846-1861

by A.C. and F.T. Gregory

ISBN 0 85905 258 3, (2002 reprint of 1884 edition with 20% larger text), Soft Cover, illustrated, 340grams

$35.00 + POST

Set of four maps to accompany the above publication: $22.00 + POST

Journals of nine expeditions from 1846 to 1861.

The classic volume of exploration in Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.

From the Preface of the 1884 Edition

judex_coverJudex – Judging the Field

by Fred Casey (edited by Peter Bridge with Celene Bridge)

ISBN 0 85905 421 7, (2007 new), Soft cover, A4, 37pp, saddle, 150grams

$22.00* + POST

Fred was the surveyor of the Kalgoorlie Council and a prospector who died on the dumps, chasing the wily weight. He was the first historian of early Kalgoorlie.

julian_stuartJulian Stuart. Short Stories of a Dangerous Democrat.

Peter J Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-938-1, (New, 2022), A4, 60 pages, 200 grams, $30.00*

Stuart was jailed in Qld during the 1890 shearers strike. In WA he was a fighter for the rights of workers and became an MP. His fame is for his brilliant poetry and other writings on the goldfields and working life generally.

jarrahlandThe Jarrahland Jingler.

The wit and short stories of EG (Dryblower) Murphy.

Ed by Chris Holyday.

ISBN 978-0-85905-796-7, (new, 2020, A4, illustrated, 62 pages, 200 grams, $30.00*

The goldfielder poet who was the core of the Sunday Times for many years.