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lady_bushrangerThe Lady Bushranger

by Pat Studdy-Clift

ISBN 0 85905 223 0, (1996 new), Soft Cover, 150mm x 228mm, 240pp, illustrated, 340grams

$30.00  + POST

The story of the Lady Bushranger, Elizabeth Jessie Hickman, nee Martini, nee Hunt, has been hidden in the deep valleys of Wollemi but now the full account of her circus career, cattle duffing, escape from the police and final taming are told by Pat Studdy-Clift. This is a historic novel thoroughly researched and fully based on fact.

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lakewood_coverThe Lakewood Woodline, 1937 – 1964

by Phil Bianchi and Ray Tovey

ISBN 0 85905 422 5, (2007 new), A4 perfect bound, Soft Cover, 220pp, illustrated, 610 grams

$50.00 + POST


The Lakewood Woodline operated south of Kalgoorlie and east of Lake Cowan, with firewood being cut as far south as 25 miles south of the Eyre Highway. This book whilst providing information on the history of the Lakewood Woodline also has numerous personal stories of people who worked and lived on the woodline. These stories provide the reader with reminiscences of various aspects of woodline operations as well as outlining the difficulties and problems that they and their families took in their stride. The book is indexed, has over 200 illustrations and is of great goldfields interest.

land_of_gold_coverThe Land of Gold

by Julius M. Price

ISBN 978-0-85905-263-4, (Reprint, 2010), illust., 144pp, 200grams

$22.00 + POST

This edition has been re-set and proofed

(The second edition, published by Hesperian in 1981 was a facsimile of 224pp, with a map. A few copies of this are still available by direct sale only at $40. No trade arrangements.)

Julius M. Price, special artist and correspondent for the Illustrated London News, journeyed through Western Australia in 1895, writing of and sketching the scenes of bush life and goldmining in the Eastern and Murchison goldfields.

Profusely illustrated with photos and sketches of the mines and miners, camel teams and mail coaches, aboriginals, settlers and towns of 1895.

landlord_iron-shore_cvrLandlords of the Iron Shore


John Slade Durlacher, with an Introduction by Dr Peter Gifford

ISBN 978-0-85905-539-0, (New 2013), 106pp, illustrated, 275g

$25.00 + POST

J. S. Durlacher was a Pilbara pastoralist with a great interest in native customs. In 1900 he wrote his reminiscences of these, together with a unique series of sketches.

Lost for a century his fascinating descriptions are now available courtesy of the Roebourne Shire and Rio Tinto Iron Ore.

landscapes_of_a_lifeLandscapes of a Life: It is not always how it seems 
by Brian Easton AO

ISBN 978-0-85905-966-4, (New, 2022) 160x240mm, illustrated, 164pp, $35.00* Free postage Perth Metro

Brian tells his story with keen observation, unapologetic honesty and deep personal feeling, intertwined with an engaging turn of wit. A committed conservationist his journey in so many and varied roles in managing organisations of significance and importance to the Western Australian public was one of connection, consultation, transparency and respect.

Brian always felt the privilege of running key agencies such as Aboriginal Affairs, Rottnest Island and Perth Zoo. There were many other roles, including in his personal life, which he talks about in this fascinating book.

His journey was one of great interest and at times considerable challenge and one where he reveals that it is not always how it seems within the bureaucracy.

The first part of the book, outlining the unusual story of his father as one of the few non-Afghan cameleers in the Murchison early in the twentieth century and then of Brian's own time growing up in an era now passed, adds considerably to this most interesting story.

Purchase from the author via: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or at Millpoint Caffe Bookshop Millpoint Road South Perth.


A history of the Australind titanium dioxide project

by Peter O’Shaughnessy

ISBN 978-0-85905-344-0, (2011, New), 207pp, illust., 365grams

$35.00 + POST

In 1964 one of the most important industrial projects in the history of Bunbury and indeed the South West of Western Australia, opened its gates, amid a storm of controversy.

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claude-choules-cover_smallClaude Choules

The Last of the Last

His Autobiography

ISBN 978-0-85905-480-5, (2009, New), Soft Cover, 160 pp, 160 x 240, illustrated, 290 grams

$25.00 +POST

With the approach of Remembrance Day (11 November) 2009, Hesperian Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of the autobiography of Claude Choules. In July 2009 Claude became – as one of three surviving veterans – the only remaining combatant of WW I. He is also the last man in the world who saw active military service in both World Wars.

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lasting_distance_coverLasting the Distance

Memoirs of John Gilmour - World Champion Runner

by P.D. Collier

ISBN 978-0-85905-494-2, (new 2010), illustrated, 179pp, 305grams

$30.00 + POST

Lasting the Distance was written as a permanent record of the remarkably long and distinguished athletic career of John Gilmour, one of Australia's greatest runners. It documents his life from the humble beginnings of a primitive existence in a group settlement in the South-West of Western Australia, to his days as a youngster finding his feet on the local athletic scene, through to the hardships and near blindness he suffered as a prisoner of war.

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law_providesThe Law Provides

by E. Morrow

ISBN 0 85905 060 2, (1984 reprint of 1937 edition with new material), Soft Cover, 160mm x 217mm, 328pp, illustrated, 450grams

$30.00 + POST

Morrow recounts his Police patrols through the North West Kimberley and the Murchison after World War I, chasing cattle spearers, killers and tracking lost men.  A view of the North recorded by few others.

laying_the_baitLaying the Bait

by The Dog Stiffener

ISBN 978-0-85905-229-0, (2011), 13pp, 40grams

$10.00* + POST

Detailing the use of poison on and by Aboriginals in Western Australia.

Contrary to the popular opinion that aboriginals were systematically poisoned by white settlers, most poisoning among them was either derived from their own use of  dingo poison to remove competitors or enemies, black, white and brindle, or from mistaken use of arsenic and strychnine baits meant for insects and predators.

leaves_from_a_prospectors_dLeaves from a Prospectors Diary

by J.E. Tregurtha

ISBN 0 85905 212 5, (1996 new), Soft Cover, 225pp, 140mm x 215mm, illustrated, 295grams

$30.00 + POST

Reminiscences of prospecting in Western Australia from the 1890s to the 1930s.  With Billy Frost, Tregurtha opened up many areas. He recounts his desert expeditions and his time in the Klondyke and New Guinea.

Leeman's-RescueLeeman’s Rescue from the Great South Land 1658

by Paul Cozynsen.

ISBN 978-0-85905-896-4, (New 2021), A4, illustrated, 87 pages, 420 grams, $40.00*

The Governor-general and his councillors in Batavia resolved to send the fluit Waeckende Boey and the galjoort Emeloordt, in search of survivors from Vergulde Draeck and the lost eleven crew of Goede Hoop. Captains Samuel Volkersen and Aucke Peieters Jonck, with crews of forty and twenty-five respectively left Batavia on News Years Day, 1658. Leeman had been appointed uppersteersman of Waeckende Boey. The company's orders to Volkersen made it quite clear that the officials were as concerned about obtaining as much information as possible on the South land as that survivors be found and brought back. He was to give special attention to navigation hazards along the coast. He was also to find out all he could about the mainland and its inhabited. Finally, he was ordered to take formal possession of all places, lands and islands.

He was reminded in no uncertain terms, that the company had invested heavily in the expedition and it wanted a careful record kept of all his actions and discoveries in order to obtain due and perfect knowledge of the situation and natural features of this region.

Available direct from the author. Paul Cozynsen 15 Kingsbridge Road, Warnbro, 6169 Cell# 0448653560.

legal_executionsLegal Executions in Western Australia

by Brian Purdue

ISBN 1 875778 188 9, (1993 new), Soft Cover, 140mm x 215mm, 85pp, illustrated, 125grams

$22.00 + POST

Details of all executions in Western Australia and also those sentenced to death and reprieved.

legend_of_the_kimberleyUpdated and reprinted

Legend of the Kimberley

Lawson Holman – Flying Doctor

Compiled by Janet Holman

ISBN 978-0-85905-562-8, (2004, 2013), 180pp, illustrated, 350 grams.

$35.00 + POST

Dr Lawson Holman lived in Derby from 1956 until the end of 1970. He related many entertaining stories and interesting incidents which provide intriguing glimpses of characters and life in the Kimberley in those days. These forming the bulk of the book, are woven into the story of his life.

It’s a yarn with all the necessary human-interest ingredients – adventure, drama, pathos and tragedy – but, most importantly, it’s a collection of wonderful down-to-earth Australian humour which provides a succession of belly-laughs.  Reviewer.

Letters from Nigeria

by David Carnegie

ISBN 0 85905 086 6, (1902, 1992, 2008), A4, 114 pp, Soft Cover, 320grams

$25.00* + POST

Leaving WA after his great expedition, Carnegie went to Nigeria where he was killed by a poisoned arrow while quelling a native rebellion. These are his letters arranged by his sister. Only 100 copies were made of the original edition.

liberty_callLiberty Call

by Ian Johnson

ISBN 0 85905 289 3, (2003 new), Soft Cover, 240mm x 162mm, 364 pages well illustrated, including colour section

$45.00* + POST

Since 1908, seaborne elements from the armed forces of the United States have been visiting ports in the State of Western Australia. Over the years, the State has established a reputation as the best liberty stopover in the world.

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bunbury_cvrLieutenant Bunbury's Australian Sojourn

The letters and journals of Lt. H.W. Bunbury, 21st Royal North Fusiliers, 1834-1837

Edited by JMR Cameron and Phyllis Barnes

ISBN 978-85905-551-2, (2014, New), 298pp, illust., case bound, dj, 685 grams

$70.00* + POST

Henry William St Pierre Bunbury, after whom the City of Bunbury in Western Australia is named, was a professional soldier, the son and nephew of distinguished professional soldiers. He was just 21 years old when he sailed for the Australian colonies in charge of the military guard on the convict transport Susan. Between his arrival in Sydney in July 1834 and his departure in November 1837, he spent 10 months in New South Wales as aide-de-camp to Governor Bourke, 9 months in Van Diemen's Land, and 21 months in Western Australia.

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life_adventureLife and Adventure in Northern Australia

by Thomas Traine

ISBN 0 85905 367 9, (2005 new),  62pp, A4, Perfect bound, illustrated, 190grams

$22.00 + POST

Tom Traine was one of the overlanders from Queensland to the West in the 1880s. His story covers the opening of the Barkley Tablelands, Black Jack Reid, the Ragged Thirteen, aboriginal encounters, running pubs and stations and the first development of Port Hedland

life-on-the-goldfieldsLife on the Goldfields. A retrospect.


ISBN 978-0-85905-765-3, (R , 2020), A5, 15 pages, $10.00*

A very early reminiscence of the Coolgardie goldfields with detailed descriptive views.

List of Cancelled Gold Mining Leases

which have produced Gold (1954)

by the Mines Department of WA

ISBN 0 85905 058 0, (1954, R2008), A4, 275 pp, Soft Cover, 750grams

$50.00* + POST

This important list of mining leases, set out by goldfield and district, lists the active years, the tonnage of ore, and the gold produced. It is an essential volume for any prospector in WA. See also our Alphabetical Index of this.

list_of_nuggets_found_in_viList of Nuggets found in Victoria

by E.J. Dunn

ISBN 978-0-85905-300-6, (1979 reprint of 1912 edition with new material), Soft Cover, foolscap, 69pp, illustrated, 280grams

$35.00 + POST

A compilation of data by the Geological Survey of Victoria on 1360 nuggets each weighing over 20 ozs.

little_boy_lost_coverLittle Boy Lost - Northampton in 1865

by Peter J Bridge
ISBN 978-0-85905-490-4, (2010, New), 24pp, illust, SC, B5, 50g,
$10.00* + POST

There is little more heart-breaking for parents than to lose a child, especially one of tender years, in whom love and dreams for the future were the warp and weft of a precious tapestry. One thing worse is for that child to be lost, stolen, or somehow disappeared. The not knowing, the despair, intermingled with hopeless hope, ensures that the soreness of the heart is ever present.

Young Frances Dunn was stolen and met a fate that few nowadays would accept as possible.


little_wonder_coverThe Little Wonder gold mine

by P.J. Bridge with Angelia Teague

ISBN 978-0-85905-458-4, (2008), A4, 18 pp, Soft Cover, illustrated, 110grams

$12.00* + POST

The spectacular gold output of this now forgotten show created legends in the 1890s. The ore was carted hundreds of miles by packhorse for treatment. Most of the owners drank themselves to death.

loaming_coverLoaming For Gold

by Sam Cash (with a Foreword and biographical notes by Bob Sheppard)

ISBN 0 85905 431 4, (2008 Reprint with new material), Soft Cover, 84pp, illustrated, 150grams.

$22.00 + POST

Loaming for Gold is an Australian prospecting icon.

First published in 1934, it is now in its fourth edition.

The author discovered over 100 gold mines, large and small, using the techniques described in this book.

In the huge auriferous areas of Australia much more remains to be found by prospectors, both amateur and professional.

The potential is immense and the techniques can be mastered by almost anyone.

This book is the fabled ‘map’ to your own gold mine.

locked_up_in_freoLocked Up In Fremantle 1829-1856. Prisoners and Patients on the Marquis of Anglesea and in the Round House. 

by Steve Errington.

ISBN 978-0-85905-999-2, (New, 2023), 266 pages, 240 x 160, French flap soft cover, 460 grams, $70.00.

This book is a vital addition to both Steve’s recent book on the Roundhouse and the earlier collections of the WA Dictionary of Biography series.

londonderryLondonderry - The Golden Hole

by A. Sprake

ISBN 0 85905 160 9, (1991 new), Hard Cover, 145mm x 222mm, 236pp, illustrated, 430grams

$30.00 + POST

The full story of the 1890s’ share fiasco that shattered London and Western Australia.

lone_hand_coverThe Lone Hand

Charles Ross and the mountain bandits

by Peter J Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-486-7,(2010 new), A5, 16pp, 40grams

$10.00* + POST

Charles Ross was of that great Australian breed, the Overlanders. Arriving on the Ashburton in the early 1890s from the Kimberley and further east, he was a successful prospector.

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The Longest Fence in the World

by F. H. Broomhall

ISBN 0-85905-147-1, (1991, 2013), illustrated, 197pp, 350grams.

$35.00 + POST

A limited facsimile edition of the 1991 edition.
Frank Broomhall, after serving in Ireland, Mesopotamia, Persia, and India, joined the Rabbit Department in 1926 and spent 14 months as a boundary rider on the Rabbit Proof Fence. After farming and government work he completed a BA on retirement. He had several history books published.
This is the history of the Rabbit Proof Fence and the story of the men who made it and rode it. One of the great stories of the bush in WA.

loretoLoreto W.A. - The First Forty Years


by J. Stephenson

ISBN 0 85905 115 3, (1988 new), Soft Cover, 108pp, illustrated, 200grams

$22.00 + POST

The history of the first 40 years of Loreto School in Perth.  Well illustrated.  A must for Loreto “old girls”.

lucky_rossLucky Ross

The Autobiography of an R.A.N. Officer - 1934-1951

by W.H. ("John") Ross

ISBN 0 85905 203 6, (1994 new), Soft Cover, 140mm x 215mm, 288pp, illustrated, 400grams

$30.00 + POST

Lucky Ross covers the period from 1934 to 1951 and details the author's varied and unusual experiences as an officer in the Royal Australian Navy during that time.

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Ludovic_de_beauvoirs_cvrLudovic de Beauvoir's visit to Australia

Translated and edited by John Melville Jones with Nicola Cousen, Steve Mullins, Stefan Petrow and Marie & John Ramsland

ISBN 978-0-85905-626-7, (2016, New), Published in a edition of 250 copies. 160 x 240, 351pp, Section sewn with dj on soft cover in French flap style with quality paper, illustrated, 850 grams

$50.00* + POST

This publication presents a revised English translation of the first volume (Australie) of an account of a voyage around the world undertaken in 1866 by two young French aristocrats. In Australia they visited Melbourne, Ballarat and Bendigo, and outside Melbourne experienced the life of a squatter at that time. They also visited Hobart, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane before sailing north towards South East Asia.

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