Errata for Hesperian Press books.

As Hesperian Press books become standards in the fields they represent it is important that any mistakes be listed for the enlightenment of the serious reader.

It is not intended to cover minor literals in the general text but to ensue that the spelling of proper names, statements of fact, references, photo identification, punctuation where the meaning may be unclear, or additional data that may clarify material, are presented so that reader’s and reference copies may be annotated.

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Bride Ships, The by Rica Erickson

  • Page 172, line 15. For Oldham read Goodall.

Challenge & the Chance, The by S.K. Forrest

  • Photos/captions on page 155 are reversed, ie that of Piesse is on the right hand side.

Chasing the Weight, 1886-1912 by F.W.P. Cammilleri

Claude de Bernales - The Magnificent Miner

  • Page 79 Photograph opposite: Gold Bonus Delegation 1930

Front row: Messrs J. Curtin, M.H.R. S.W. Munsie, M.L.A. F.A. Moss, C. de Bernales, B. Leslie, Senator E.B. Johnston.

Second row: Messrs R. Anderson, H.C. Davies, J.B. Stanfield, C.P. Smith, L.B. Bolton, J. Allen, J. Warrick, Senator Carroll, Senator Sir Hal  Colebatch.

Back row: Messrs G. Klug, Baragwanath, W.M. Nairn, M.H.R. F.R. Lee, W. Coath, Kane.

          (Eastern Goldfields Historical Society)

East is East by W.C. Charnley

Expedition Eastwards from Northam by Lesley Brooker.

  • Page 4. col. 2. para 1. should end "start to build for the future".
  • Page 8. Correll had also escorted the Austin Expedition of 1854 as a "native constable" during its initial stage as far as Cowcowing Lakes.
  • Page 14. Richard McBryde Broun should read Peter Broun.
  • Page 15. A more accurate location for Coolyakine is given in "Explorers Routes Revisited, Moore Expeditions 1836".
  • Page 27. The location of Burracoppin Rock in the sketch map should be disregarded — see "Explorers Routes Revisited, Roe Expedition 1836".

Exploring the Golden West

Fields Gold

Finest Goldfields in the World, The

  • Page 158 Under Emu, Bustard. Delete 148 and substitute 152.
  • Page 160 Under Mernine. Insert p. 104 after hare-wallaby.
  • Page 160 Under Red kangaroo. Delete 148, 150 and substitute 152, 154.
  • Page 161 Under Discussion, end of first paragraph. Full stop after 1841 should not be superscript.
  • Page 163  Footnote 18. Delete 1864, insert 1846 [twice].
  • Page 166 Waterhouse references. Delete 1864, insert 1846.

Hillie's Gift

Itchy Feet

  • Page 43, 44, 81. 1962, not 1963.
  • Page 51. After Rodney Tilt/Len Brown & wife another one.
  • Page 67. Should be Dodge.
  • Page 71. After 18 inches of rain insert - In 1953 Joe Cook the Post Master of Halls Creek was the official weather recorder. He recorded 121 days out of 123 where the temperature was over 100 degrees F.
  • Page 73. After New Town should be 1962.
  • Page 81. After tractor delete third season. My last season being 1963, should be 1962 (So I'm told).
  • Page 116. Willy Weeties, not wheeties.
  • Page 118. Should be Albert Moola Bulla, not Mulla.
  • Page 118. Delete Beth Jim, Should be Bell Jim. Add in Bell Jim.

Journal of Gerald De Courcy Lefroy, The by Bruce Buchanan

  • Page 161. References missed in data transfer
    • Reference 31: Either Thomas Maitland Wilson, a captain in the 96th Regt, or a Mr Wilson who left the Colony for Calcutta to form a company for the export of WA timber to India without success. PG 28 October 1848, Inq 1 November 1848.
    • Reference 32 :  Their usual diet would have had a notable absence of such sweet dishes, so increasing the desire for them.
    • Reference 33 :  "On the 20th the barque Orient 596 tons from London 21 December 1847". Inq 22 March 1848. 51 Parkhurst boys were aboard.
    • Reference 34 :  Richard Robert Madden, Colonial Secretary 1848 to January 1849. "Dr Madden, the new Colonial Secretary arrived on Monday morning last on the Orient from England. Dr Madden is well known to the literary and scientific world as a man of enlarged and comprehensive views….has travelled in the Middle East, possesses the faculty of observation and judgement in no slight degree and has the power of acting promptly in emergencies" Inq 22 March 1848. "The Colonial Secretary is…a member of the College of Surgeons and the author of several works relating to the East… Inq 28 October 1847.

Kinda Warm, Ain't It Missus?

  • Page 53,  midway down the page, she is talking about Bullara, a station SOUTH of Onslow but she states “The nearest settlement, Onslow 180 miles south”.  Carnarvon is 180 miles south of Bullara. (I should know as many a time I drove the taxi from Carnarvon to Bullara and Giralia stations). Or have I read this the wrong way.
  • Page 55 mid way down the page it states “When I first came, all  the carting was done by camels. A year’s supply of stores came by ship from Fremantle to Carnarvon……….”  To me, this rather shows that it was Carnarvon and not Onslow that she was referring to.

Knights of the Boomerang

  • Page 48, line 6. Read quiet for quite.

Little Boy Lost by P.J. Bridge

Major the outlaw by W.C. Charnley

Pigeon by W.C. Charnley

Out and About with Tommy and Me

  • Page 1 & elsewhere. I doubt that TWM spelled 'travelled' as 'traveled' (It looks as though your typist didn't realize that Word software uses US spelling as the default and silently corrects British spelling unless otherwise instructed).
  • Page 5 Walzormouring [TWM's misspelling?] = Walyormouring.
  • Page 24, par 1 'not to looked at' =? not be looked at
  • Page 58 'Linnaen' = Linnean
  • Page 59 penultimate para: 'scare' = scarce.

Paynes Find by Alex Palmer

  • Page vi Photo of Clinch is H.P Woodward, Government Geologist

Price of a Pearl

Queensland Aborigines, The

  • Vol 3, Bull 18 Page 102
  • Errata in PDF DOWNLOAD

Savagery on the Swan River Settlement

  • Page 1, first line of text. Replace Walter with William

Small Scale Underground Mining by F.W. Bojesen

  • Appendix (Reopening Old Mines) in PDF DOWNLOAD

The Australind Journals of Marshall Waller Clifton 1840-1861

  • Page 430, n 337 The Mr Henderson aboard the Eglinton was not Walter Henderson; it was John Henderson, brother of Edmund. (See Perth Gazette, 5 Nov 1852, p 5)
  • The index entries for Walter G. Henderson “1852 10n & 30 Sept.” should therefore be re-assigned to “Henderson, J.”, who is to be described as “brother of Edmund”.
  • The 1853 entries for Walter G Henderson follow Clifton’s use of that name and should stand. However, Mr Robin Campbell of Fremantle, who has researched the Henderson family, does not believe Walter was a brother of Edmund (and John), so the description of Walter should to be emended to “possible relative of Edmund”.
  • Given that Walter did not arrive on the Eglinton, he may have been the Mr Henderson who arrived on the Travencore on 13 Jan 1853 (see Perth Gazette 19 Jan 1853). This arrival time fits neatly with the appearance of Walter G in Bunbury in February 1853.
  • Page 678 (passenger list of the Trusty, first voyage, arr 6 Dec 1842)
  • John and Emma Cranson, the 7th and 8th entries on this page, should read John and Emma Delaporte. 
  • Page 678 Where Cranston John & Cranston (Rebecca) have been repeated, substitute:- Delaporte John & Delaporte Emma

The McGuire Mystery by W.C. Charnley

They’re Racing at Landor by P.R. Heydon

  • Page 185 reverse photo captions: "Coondawa lower photo. Bromanna upper photo"

The Tragic pearl by W.C. Charnley 

Time of the Brolga by Jean Bull

  • p. 133 where it reads as p. 42 Outdoor kitchen, this should read as p.74.
  • p. 134 where it reads as p. 74 Outdoor kitchen, this should read as p. 42.

Western Australian Exploration 1826-1835 Volume 1 Ed. by Joanne Shoobert et. al.

  • In the final editing several mistakes appeared.
  • Page xi, last line. State of the Colony = Sketch of the Colony.
  • Page 67
  • Appendix 8. Page 566, line 5. Brigatine = Brigantine
  • Appendix 10. Additional material did not conform with the standards set by the committee.

What happened at Braeside by W.C. Charnley

Yeeramukadoo – A saga of the North West by Nancy E. Withnell Taylor

  • The first edition by FACP and the reprint by HP have a number of mistakes in nomenclature etc. These have been corrected in the 2002 HP edition.