Solid packaging is essential for the safe delivery of your books.
We use a variety of rates that AP offers, as well as some couriers, getting the best rates commensurate with reliability.
We try to keep the post costs to a minimum but a small change in weight may push the price into a higher bracket. 
That is why we ask that you place your order and wait until we invoice you before paying.
Australia Post, like the rest of the ‘government,’ drives inflation at a rate that will kill the old horse.

Australia wide.

500g express $14.10

500g standard $10.60

1kg Express $18.50 (A4 size books)

1kg Standard $14.50 (A4 size books)

3kg Express $22.75

3kg standard $18.25

5kg Express $29.95

5kg standard $21.95

Overseas Payments

Please note we are not interested in being dunned the high bank charges for an international transfer. Recently an account payment for A$27.50 was debited A$20 in bank fees.

If so are so silly as to use the services of such international gangsters then be it on your account, not ours.

Purchases are best using credit cards. We will facilitate out of office hours phone calls for international and interstate customers, but split emails have all been ok.


Not all parcels are trackable. We now use Sendle for many parcels, fully tracked.

International freight charges will be advised before dispatch


Important notice for overseas customers.

Print Post Direct Bags

Australia post has special rates for bulkprinted matter. These bags are for a minimum of 5kg and maximum of 16kg of books.

This is a significant saving.

International freight charges for individual books + packing weight

will be advised before dispatch or you may wish to calculate

the POSTAGE from Perth to your home town using the:-

Australian Post - Postage Assessment Calculator

Rapid inflationary changes in postage means we will quote on individual o/seas orders.

Overseas customers please check with us before paying.