early_days_yilgarn_cvrThe Early Days of the Yilgarn District

 edited by Peter J Bridge and Angela Teague

ISBN 978-0-85905-445-4, (2008, New), Saddle Stiched A4, Soft Cover, 69pp, illus., 225 grams

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This collection forms part of a series of biographies and reminiscences of the earliest prospectors of the Yilgarn Goldfields. While the answers as to priority, were to a certain extent, answered long ago, this information has become scattered and lost to all but the most determined researchers.

The systematic correlation of newspaper items, diaries, government files, and published books brings forth a far different story to that told by tourist guides, who in most cases are more ignorant than their captive audience. It is intended that a series of these documents, recollections, and arguments will be published. Despite some repetition they throw much light on the characters and accessory fine detail to the generally known incidents.

The majority of these items were first published in the obscure and short-lived, but sparkling, newspaper, The Bullfinch Budget. We salute those editors, whose interests rose above the daily pulp news and advertising revenue, and gave us stories that have become the inner core of our culture.