The story of the Forty-fourth.
War – as the Digger Fought It.

by Captain C. Longmore

ISBN 978-0-85905-049-4, (1921, 2010 R N), illustrated, casebound, 115gsm paper, section sewn, dust jacket, head & tail bands, ribbon, 216pp, 550 grams

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With a Foreword and full nominal roll by Neville Browning.

The facsimile master was Cyril Longmore's personal copy and contains his ms annotations - information not appearing in the printed text.

Eggs-a-Cook! relates the experience of the 44th Battalion of the Third Division in France during 1916-1918. Formed at Claremont in early 1916 they landed in England in July 1916, via Egypt, where they collected their cognomen, arriving in France in November 1916.

Longmore details their experiences in the Armentieres sector, 'Plugstreet,' Messines, Broodseinde Ridge, Paschendale, Corbie, Hamel, Bray, and the Somme. 

A quality facsimile edition. Good paper and most importantly, section sewn. The pages will not fall out.

This book is Copyright to the Longmore family.

Published 5 June 2010.