fields_gold_coverFields Gold

A story of the Yalgoo Goldfields

by Alex Palmer

ISBN 978-0-85905-464-5, (2010 R 2009, 1999, 1981), 116pp, illustrated, 160grams

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Remnants of the toil of our forebears more than a century ago can be found hidden in the undergrowth at Fields Find. This raises many questions. How was so much achieved using little more than brawn and determination, under such adverse isolation and climate conditions?

Standing proud above all are the old concrete machinery plinths. How many hours of toil and sweat went into mixing and laying that concrete, all by hand? The skilfully constructed three compartment vertical shaft, now in decay, partners a collapsed incline shaft. Why the change in technique? That layer of ash and charcoal surrounded by heat distorted broken bottles, was that the site of the old hotel? The tailing dump, once so carefully contained, now flows down the valley. How much gold is still locked in it? What did the ten souls interred at the cemetery do to earn their place amongst the acacias?

James J Field picked up 80oz of gold on the first day of his discovery in February 1895. Gold was mined there continuously until 1951, producing a total of nigh on 50,000ozs. Fields Find will blossom again as a gold producer; it is just lying in wait.