Fighting the Kimberley

The 3 Australian Corps Kimberley Guerilla Warfare Group, 1942-1943

by Peter J Bridge

ISBN 978-0-85905-501-7, (2012 N), 356pp, A4, 311 illusts., indexed, section sewn, soft cover, 1kg +

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See Dollypot Vol. 4 No.1 for further information (in pdf format)

The role of Major Mitchell’s 3rd Australian Army Corps Guerilla Warfare Group, 101 Field Security, Special Duties groups, Special Independent Guerilla Warfare Company, Volunteer Defence Corps, 11 North West Battalion, and the Derby Garrison in the defence of the Kimberley and the North West.

This book covers the Kimberley military in those worrying years after the Japanese attacks on Broome. Previously unseen material on this secret group includes letters, diaries, reports and photos on Broome, Derby and the NW. The West Australian’s war correspondent’s diaries, the creation of the Black Guard of Liveringa VDC, 101 Field Security and their tragedy, 29th Garrison, bios of all the men and a nominal roll compiled by Gail Stewart.

Over the last 60 or so years many have talked of this secret group but due to a thorough destruction of files very little information could be obtained. Now the blackout has been lifted by access to personal reminiscences, diaries and photos. Much will surprise even those who thought they knew of the activities of the military in the Kimberley in what were dark and worrying days of the Japanese advance.

NB. It looks like I am getting a media blackout on this, but what is unusual about that? Spread the word. Samizdat in the new Soviet of the South.