glorious_uncertaintyThe Glorious Uncertainty 

by Sally L. Senior

ISBN 0 85905 282 6, (2000 new), Soft Cover, 152pp, illustrated

$22.00 + POST

An enchanting tale of the lives of three little girls who grew up on a sheep station in the East Murchison district of Western Australia in the 1930s and 1940s.

The book describes a life long gone. These were hard times for the adults but for the children it was a time of enchantment.  The influence their father played in their lives is evident.

The text is generously illustrated with 56 photographs that help the reader understand that theirs was not a privileged life by the usual standards.

For the author, writing this book was a labour of love as the original manuscript was written so that the next generation of the family would have some understanding of how their parents lived as children.

Her two sisters, Sue Maslen and Mary Tyler, contributed their memories, giving a more rounded picture and producing a light-hearted book.