He-Rode-AloneHe Rode Alone 

by Joan Brockman.

ISBN 978-0-85905-889-6, (1987, R, 2021), 160 x 240, Illustrated, French flap soft cover, 298 pages, 510 grams, $55.00*

A book which, for human interest and historical importance, towers above anything which has or ever will be written about the North West of Western Australia. Though factual it reads more like the fictional story of an extraordinary and in some ways tragic man. 

For thirty and more years until 1912 Julius Brockman recorded in his diary, almost daily, the events consistent with adventurous exploration and settlement of a harsh environment. Others have kept similar, though perhaps not such lengthy or meticulous records, but it is the man’s unusually descriptive writing and biting wit which makes such entertaining reading. And unlike many pioneers he did not become so immersed in his battle with nature as to lose interest in the outside world. His comments on the politics of the day and the section on his overseas travels add another dimension to the overall theme of pioneer existence. 

To extract the essential facts from such a mammoth collection of data and present them in such a manner as to form an ongoing story and a finely drawn picture of the diarist required brilliant editing. Joan Brockman must be congratulated on the result – a most valuable and enjoyable book. 

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