hackett_memorial_uilding_cvThe Hackett Memorial Buildings at the University of Western Australia

by John Melville-Jones

ISBN 978-0-85905-543-7, (New2012), 160x240, 79pp, col. illust., 300grams

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For the 100th year of the Uni of WA. the The Hackett Memorial Buildings at The University of Western Australia, was written by Emeritus Professor John Melville-Jones. It begins by detailing the circumstances that led to the provision of a very large sum of money from the bequest of Sir John Winthrop Hackett, an unexpectedly large amount, which allowed the Hackett Buildings and St George's College to be built in a more imposing style than would otherwise have been possible. The book then describes the architecture and decoration of these buildings, and includes some stories of events, serious and not so serious, that took place in and around them.