west_aus_cvrHistory of West Australia

A narrative of her past together with biographies of her leading men.

by W. B. Kimberly

ISBN 978-0-85905-202-3, (1897, R2015), large A4, casebound, laminated cover, PUR glued spine, 620 pages, illustrated, 2.8 kgs.

$165.00* + POST

Contains a comprehensive and detailed overview of the state's history and some 236 pages of biographies and portraits of the leading men of the 1890s.

The original book brings $5000 and over in dealers listings.

This long awaited reprint of W. B. Kimberly's magnificent History of West Australia (1897) culminates our reprint programme of the histories and overviews of WA that have included:-

The Cyclopedia of Western Australia, 1912-13. The History of the North West, 1915. Those were the Days, 1933. Twentieth Century Impressions, 1901. Nor' West of West, 1908.

This book, together with the others listed is a necessity for any interested or involved in the history of Western Australia.

[The idea of updating these early cyclopedias had been proposed by the editor but the idea was caught up by elements of the local universities. They managed to mulct some $250,000 from the usual stupid vote gathering bottom feeder, and eventually produced an utterly unreadable Cultural-Marxist compilation. The pit of absurdity started with the cover, which was touted as picturing the states floral symbol. However the yellow kangaroo paw is not in the race as the state emblem is the greatly different red and green kangaroo paw. You CAN judge a book by its cover. And the stench carries on throughout the book. Well, so much for a university education. Get real and get out.

Real overview histories are still needed but the capacity of modern 'historians' is strained to insanity. Even the best fall down on the detail when looking at the 'big picture.' Future histories need to be detailed regional studies.