ive_had_a_good_lifeI’ve had a good life – Phil’s Story

by George Phillip Aitchison

ISBN 978-0-85905-377-8, (2006 R, 2010), A4, 58pp, 185grams

$22.00* + POST

Phil Aitchison’s life story has the potential to appeal to the broader community. Australians like to read about “battlers.” How he has overcome adversity and lived a fulfilling life is a fascinating story.

Phil has seen a lot and had many different experiences. From being kidnapped and taken to another country as a 2 year old to being a runaway ward of the State. To finally discovering his mother’s family some 85 years later. It is similar to the Aboriginal ‘stolen generation.’

This story will interest many - the people of the Pilbara, pastoralists, those interested in Australian history and the evolution of mining, and other readers state wide. It is also of great Aboriginal interest.

Phil’s life has been amazing and should be told. As he says “I’ve had a good life”