kinda_warm_coverKinda Warm, Ain't It Misssus?

by Kath Zuegg

ISBN 978-0-85905-129-3, (2009),  Soft Cover, 75pp, illustrated, 110grams

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Kath and Harry Zuegg were mining at the Shenandoah out of Gullewa when they decided to try their luck at Bamboo Creek. Perhaps Kath Zuegg's own words best describe what this book is all about... "The 'hard as hell' rock in the Doone beat us in the end. It was not profitable to mine with the machinery and tools available to us ... my aim is to share with you my memories of the wonderful people; the happenings -some bright, some sad, - that took place up north during the eighteen months my husband, Harry, and I spent there."

A memoir of bush life in the Depression of the 1930s.