kingdom_shylock_coverThe Kingdom of Shylock (Revised)

by Frank Anstey MP 

ISBN 0 85905 392 X, (2006 reprint), Soft Cover, A4, 112pp, Illustrated, 315grams

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First published in 1917, when it was repressed. This is a reprint of the second edition. Frank Anstey (1865-1940) was a leader of the Labor Party, a committed socialist, supporter of public finance and the Commonwealth Bank, and viewed WWI as “a war of rival capitalists”. He was more right than wrong. In this age of the globalisation, of organized criminality, we need more like him who will stick to their guns against cannibalistic corporate capitalism. This is an essential reference in understanding the true Labor Party, economic power in Australia, how far we have come along the road to total financial control of our lives, and conversely how diminished is our understanding of the forces that torture us.