landscapes_of_a_lifeLandscapes of a Life: It is not always how it seems 
by Brian Easton AO

ISBN 978-0-85905-966-4, (New, 2022) 160x240mm, illustrated, 164pp, $35.00* Free postage Perth Metro

Brian tells his story with keen observation, unapologetic honesty and deep personal feeling, intertwined with an engaging turn of wit. A committed conservationist his journey in so many and varied roles in managing organisations of significance and importance to the Western Australian public was one of connection, consultation, transparency and respect.

Brian always felt the privilege of running key agencies such as Aboriginal Affairs, Rottnest Island and Perth Zoo. There were many other roles, including in his personal life, which he talks about in this fascinating book.

His journey was one of great interest and at times considerable challenge and one where he reveals that it is not always how it seems within the bureaucracy.

The first part of the book, outlining the unusual story of his father as one of the few non-Afghan cameleers in the Murchison early in the twentieth century and then of Brian's own time growing up in an era now passed, adds considerably to this most interesting story.

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