legend_of_the_kimberleyUpdated and reprinted

Legend of the Kimberley

Lawson Holman – Flying Doctor

Compiled by Janet Holman

ISBN 978-0-85905-562-8, (2004, 2013), 180pp, illustrated, 350 grams.

$35.00 + POST

Dr Lawson Holman lived in Derby from 1956 until the end of 1970. He related many entertaining stories and interesting incidents which provide intriguing glimpses of characters and life in the Kimberley in those days. These forming the bulk of the book, are woven into the story of his life.

It’s a yarn with all the necessary human-interest ingredients – adventure, drama, pathos and tragedy – but, most importantly, it’s a collection of wonderful down-to-earth Australian humour which provides a succession of belly-laughs.  Reviewer.