mums_grey_hair_CVR"Mum’s Grey Hair"

by Rod Dickson

ISBN 978-0-85905-584-0, (2014), A4, 198pp, illustrated, 555grams

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Rod Dickson’s idiosyncratic memoirs cover his early childhood in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, his years at Tyler St. Primary and Reservoir and Northcote High Schools and after leaving the hallowed halls of learning pursued a 51 year career at sea. On all types of vessels ranging from a crayfishing boat to tugs, oil rig tenders, cargo ships, tankers to finally a 128,000 ton L.N.G. Tanker from which he retired. The title of this autobiography comes from his mother’s favourite saying - "Rodney you gave me all my Grey Hairs."

He began writing Maritime History whilst still at sea and continues today with the completion of the "Coastal Maritime History Series."

Rod has written many books on maritime history, the main ones being They Kept This State Afloat, History of the Whalers of the South Coast, The Price of a Pearl, and A Voyage of No Importance.